PC Version is Dead

I got this game in a Humble Bundle awhile back and have now started checking it out. However, the PC version is simply dead. I have yet to get an actual Versus match. Matchmaking consists of players being found, long wait times, and players leaving because it takes forever. I can’t even do the 3 player tutorial because no one is queuing for it. Are there certain times to play or should I just abandon the game too?

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You can’t play story mission for Diamond Medals, or get those skins in Story operations?

Switching to the US servers helped me out - some. Depending on where you’re located it might not make a difference. But unfortunately the PC playerbase is pretty small these days, you’d have better luck on one of the consoles.

Check on the Discord here, should help with matchmaking. Plenty of people still set up 10-mans for private 5v5s, so just ask around and you should find a group.

Other than that, if you’re completely new to the game, start off with story mode and try find a character that suits your playstyle, as well as getting you some gear. Although, maybe don’t pick a melee character on The Algorithm. Unless you like Dark Souls-esque difficulty.



Yurp, as I’ve said in the other posts of the same topic, we’re a cult game on pc until the next update. If you join the Unofficial Battleborn Discord (https://discord.gg/battleborn), there’s a Discord Directory in there depending on what you want to do. Communication is key in these dark times - there is no coming into this game alone right now.

If you’re fresh I highly recommend playing some characters to learn their kits before anything else. :slight_smile:

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yeah it’s a real shame that the devs are taking their time on break instead of having an update to increase the playerbase but I guess it’ll come eventually…

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Nah. PC version is dead. Sorry.

I saw the PC version in a grilled cheese sandwich in a Texas gas station truck stop diner.

Nah, they’re just waiting for the Overwatch’s anniversary, so that once again they could screw everything up with the “timely” release/hype/announcement.

Not sure that another thread like this is very useful.