PC version problem (Small)

I have tested the PS4 version so far and it is pretty good and today I tested the PC version. At first the game was windowed and I had to make many settings to the graphics because it looked like crap (Bad resolution, very dark picture, was supposed to be in fullscreen mode but it didn’t take up the entire screen, leaving a black border around the picture). After making the setting changes I needed, it did nothing at first. After rebooting the game however, it looked fine and the dark effect went away. Had to up the game to 60 FPS because I was having stutter problems on the default settings. This is my experience with one match (Again, the match went just fine because I made these changes before entering the match) My main concern is the settings not correctly changing until rebooting the game. When I changed the framerate however, that did not seem to need a reboot.

-Windows 10 64 bit with GTX 960m graphics card and a core i7 4720HQ CPU.

Also if it helps, my default resolution should be 1366 x 768 but I am using 1280 x 720.