[PC] Video Settings Don't save

I’ve checked the forums to see if someone else is having these issues and it usually seems to relate to Resolution.

My resolution is actually always saved however other settings are not
FPS limit - I set to 144 and yet its always a different setting when i Log in
Windowed mode - Game is always set to full screen when i log in
Certain graphic settings: Shadows are always set to high and I have to set them to low

This also means I can’t turn on DX12 because when I do turn it on it asks me to restart the client and then all these settings including DX12 on are now set to what they were when I logged in.

If anyone has experienced this and fixed it I’d appreciate the help.

My guess is that your chosen resolution maps to the default and that it’s quite likely your settings aren’t being saved at all? The usual suspect for that is some form or antiransomware, antimalware, or antivirus software locking the file/folder (set to read only) because it detects “an internet application is attempting to modify a local file”. Windows Defender, BitDefender, and MalwareBytes will all do this if you don’t explicitly set exemptions for the relevant files and enclosing folders.

See if you can find the actual file, and inspect the permissions on it and the enclosing folder. I forget where the different files are on PC, but a quick search should yield the information.