[pc]Weird FPS lock issues?

So my game wouldn’t exceed 30fps at first even when set to unlimited with Vsync off. After a restart it was, but the FPS seems really bad.

AMD R9 290X
FX 8150 @4.4 (not the best but generally does the trick still)
16gb DDR3 1866mhz
W10 x64

So I know my CPU isn’t the best, but I’m seeing very poor load on both GPU and CPU. My FPS is 40-50 mostly so far, but it’s very erratic. Changing settings does nothing. I had hoped shadows on low/dynamic off would have helped since it is very intensive on the CPU but it did not. Mix of med/low, and mid/high, or mid/ultra did me no good either. Maybe a driver update is needed on AMDs side? Any advice would be great. This game is so far very fun even at a stuttering 35fps.

Me (and apparently other folks with way better rigs than us) had a similar problem, which was posted and specified in Reddit and Steam foruns.

I hope the devs already have a answer for this one, because this game is ZOMGAWESOME and I don`t want to miss it just because of weird optimization D: