Peacekeeper Character: Lumhas

Name: Lumhas

Species: Maershan

Sex: Male

Faction: Peacekeepers

Bio: once a veteran of Maersh army, after the darkening of his home system’s sun and almost total annihilation of the army, he embarked on a trip with a few survivor, to reach a new world and start again. Unfortunately the ship was boarded by Jennerit troops and all hand on board were killed but Lumhas which avenged the fallen launching a counter attack seizing the enemy ship and use it to continue the trip. Eventually he reached Solus where he was recruited into the Peacekeeper, guiding its troops into many battle with his veteran skills saving the system many times.

Maersh Army Power Armor: Lumhas’ power armour grant him a excellent protection against fire and melee attacks and it has a buit-in medkit

Lumhas’ Custom Rifle: Lumhas’ rifle it’s custom-built and shoot 20mm rocket-propelled Frag shells which can change with Snake Fang rounds or Dagger Blade rounds

Under slug Plasma launcher: the rifle has a built-in plasma launcher that can shoot a deadly plasma salvo or a single and more powerful shot.

Passive: War Veteran Tricks : Headshots deal +7.5% dmg, 4 shots land on lower body reduce movement speed by 5% for 2.5 seconds

Custom Rifle: it has a 30 rounds magazine, deal up to 40 dmg

  • 10% damage
  • 5% rounds speed
    Mutation: +15 rounds (this upgrade is applied on all rounds types)

Maersh Power armour: +55/s health regeneration and +4.25% dmg reduction for 5 seconds when health is below 30%

Snake Fang rounds: Lumhas change Frag shells with poison shells which deal increasing dmg for each shot landed, Snake Fang rounds did not deal critical dmg on headshots. (cooldown 20 seconds, activation time 1,5 seconds)


  • 9,50% fire rate
    additional 40 dmg over 4 seconds if a target is hit by 6 consecutive shots
    Mutation: damages are also applied to nearby enemies

Dagger Blade Rounds: this rounds has more range, deal more damage to shields but cannot slow down enemies (cooldown 20 seconds, activation time 1,5 seconds)


  • 5,45% dmg
  • 3% precision
    Mutation: rounds can pierce more targets in a row

Plasma Launcher: Lumhas change to plasma launcher, each shot deal 70 dmg, charged shot deal 400 dmg (cooldown 80 seconds, can shoot up to 4 shots or a single charged shot, last 10 seconds)

+6% rounds speeds
-3,5% charged shot AoE but +4% dmg
Mutation: Plasma launcher can shoot 2 additional rounds after charged shot, but each one deal 35 dmg.

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Seems a bit broken. Mostly the 55 per second. Unless you mean to encourage taking more damage to trigger it

So it goes farther but is less accurate? That seems somewhat useless?

My only real critique is that character wise he seems a bit flat. He’s just a soldier?

To be fair, montana is just a soldier, oscar mike more even