Peacekeepers don't have a support?

It seems that the Peacekeeper faction doesn’t have a support character. 2 attackers (Oscar Mike & Benedict), 2 Defenders (Montana & Ghalt) and 1 melee (Galilea). I usually like support focused characters and I was assuming that each faction would have their own support. I’m hoping there’s at least another support or two that haven’t been revealed yet, even though I love Reyna.

The Peacekeepers have a somewhat of a support hero. Check out Galilea’s Helix.

Allies within Desecrate fields are healed over time. +60 healing per second

What is Desecrate ?

Galilea curses the ground beneath her feet, amplifying damage to enemies within the area for 8 seconds.

At Lvl6 you can extend this skill with 3 seconds.
8x60= 480 Health over 8 seconds
12x60= 720 Health over 12 seconds

This doesn’t compete with the healing power of Miko. But Galilea is an versitile but more offensive hero.

Miko = Healer
Reyna = Shielder
Galilea = Optinal Health Restorer