Peak from behind cover for next update?

It’s a simple mechanic that I wish would be added for more tactical approaches, maybe if we get enough likes on this post it’ll get moved up to the update team so we can get this option?

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Well… For next update isn’t particularily realistic since the next update patch (not counting hotfixes) is in 9 days when DLC 4 comes out.

I will admit that it is a nice mechanic, though the amount of cover you could actually use is probably very map dependent and somewhat limited and I could imagine it being a bit tricky to implement since there would have to be a way to do it withouting interfering with the vaulting mechanic.

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You mean a bit like the Gears of War shoot from cover thing? That could be cool - although I note that there’s a bit more destructible cover in BL3 compared to BL2.

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I like the idea but I think they should focus on stability making split screen/matchmaking playable before adding new mechanics. Fix the old bugs and issues before adding new ones


In destiny you can just look at the cover while crouching and if you press aim down sights the character automatically peeks over it.

I seriously thought the tittle meant a Digistruct Peak, this time on a map behind the cover of the mountains of the original.
I need to get out more…

Personally, i wouldnt use this. Like they say, run and gun is super fun. But it sure would be a fun addition, specially for sniping, hehe. Doesnt harm to have it as long as it doesnt cause CRASHES and FREEZES and stops legenadries from dropping!!

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Simple mechanic?

OK. I’ll play along. Which button on the controller are you not using while playing the game? That would be the button this simple mechanic would have to be attached to. Is it a simple button to use in the heat of combat when you’re character’s life is on the line?

You’re only other alternative for this simple mechanic would be to have it automatically snap to cover when you got close like a context command. Of course that means that taking cover really isn’t under your control, so you’ll be jumping behind cover when you didn’t want to, and being left out in the open when you did.

Adding a whole new game mechanic to an existing game with all of the controller buttons already in use isn’t so simple, is it?

That’s in Destiny. I would like to point out that crouching makes you slide in this game. For some reason I don’t think the idea of hitting your slide button to take cover behind a static object is going to work too well.

Sliding into cover was great in destiny, why wouldn’t it be great in borderlands. Are covers even big enough in BL3, though?

Who the hell takes cover in Borderlands? Tank the damage, baby, tank the damage :rofl:

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In b 4 next raid has a “don’t trigger an alarm sneak passage”

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I think you’re the only one that got what I was getting at. That’s exactly what I meant as far as the mechanic itself, where your character is behind cover, you aim and your character slightly peaks from behind cover. Everyone needs to calm down a little hahaha

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Only if you’re moving (sprinting?) at the time. Otherwise, you just crouch.

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Destiny 2 and Borderland 3 share a lot of basic movement. So yeah its only while sprinting in both games.

On a controller the crouch/slide button is tap, and performs the move depending on motion/speed. Perhaps this frees up hold for another function from this button? I don’t think hold is currently bound on this button.

I read the title as op was hiding under his bed covers because he was worried about the upcoming patch.

Going off some of the previous ones I wouldn’t blame him.

I like that aspect. It would make shooting from cover less of an auto win, when using say Atlas tracker weapons or such.

I’d really like a way to shoot behind me. It’s rather annoying on foot, super annoying in a vehicle, not being able to fire behind me. I’d take a handling/damage/accuracy penalty. It would also make a Rushin’ Moze more feasible for me.

Screw Eva, me running towards the fire on Moze just means I’m going to be running into my own EXPLOSIONS!!!11111ONE.

You mean to stay crouched? Depending on the settings it’s either toggle on/off or hold down to stay crouched. Same with the sprint function (on LS/L3). Or did you mean something else?

I meant long hold of the button. Currently we just tap (and have option for the tap to toggle crouch), so freeing up the chance to bind another function to the crouch/slide button

I can say with some certainty that we won’t get a peak from behind cover mechanic in the next update. Nor will we get a pique from behind cover. They just aren’t going to happen. Now, a peek from behind cover mechanic has a bare sliver of possibility, at least, but is pretty unlikely at this late stage I’d say.