Peak Opener card damage is misleading (in a good way!)

The Peak Opener is proving a fast favorite of the new weapons especially among Axton and Krieg players. The Peak Opener’s high DPS owes partly to its superior fire rate compared to other Torgue grenadier (which is even higher when aimed down sights) but also that it does 3 times the listed card damage.

OP10 Jakobs grip Peak Opener (with OP10 Torgue grip Wild Kerblaster for comparison) testing at OP0 dummy to avoid damage reduction messing with the numbers, no skill points (I was wearing a Blood/ammo relic for neutrality).

Card damage where the Kerblaster seems to have more base damage for less fire rate.

Yet the Peak Opener actually outdamages the Kerblaster by quite substantial margin.


Interestingly, each of the 3 child projectiles of the Peak Opener spawns per shot actually do the card damage, with the total combined damage being equal to the damage of the main pellet (not accounting for the shock bone you’d likely use with the gun).

Combined with the blistering fire rate it reaches when aiming down sights, the Peak Opener boasts some of the highest DPS of any assault rifle in the game. I’m not sure how much of a fire rate buff the ADS bonus gives (and if it is additive or multiplicative to character’s FR buffs, which is a whole 'nother can of worms), but this thing could potentially rival the DPS of a weapon like the DPUH.


Whoa, I gotta stop leaving these things in chests!


The Peak Opener is pretty sick. It’s my favorite of the new guns (though the Amigo Sincero is effing sick too). And it works nicely against the New Pandora guys and their beefy shields. :slight_smile: