Pearl farm pleaase

Could gearbox please make the pearl of innefable knowledge farmable?

That’s already an easy farm, just reset your missions and nearly complete the entire DLC for another crack at it!

All jokes aside I miss the ability to preview mission rewards and dash quit farm the few that are worthwhile.

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You can also load your savegame on a usbStick/cloud and quit the game and reload it and start the game. I’m just waiting for next lvl cap increase to do so.
Yeahit’s really annoying on console :smile:


The good thing about the Pearl is that it can only roll a few different rolls, limiting RnGeezus’ tyranny over this artifact.


Thats true, but nothing makes less fun than farming quests on console. i never was able to do more then 4-5 times in a row :smiley:

Lmao i dont have a good one these but i have not went through dlc 2 yet with fl4k so theres still hope my amara got health regen one so useless on her i might need to put that on fl4k guy goes down every 30 seconds lol if he did not have pet revive he would be worse then moze atleast iron bear does high damage now.

I think it is still 25 varients. I save farmed it when the dlc was new and it took me over 3 hours to get the good one. On my next character playthrough I got the good one first try.


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