Pearl farming question

Would farming Drifters in sunken sea or roads end be as effective as armory farming or craw farming?

Drifters only drop certain pearls, not all of them. And you would have more chances at pearls if you use the farm route: Crawmerax, Drifters in Road’s End, then Farmory.

If your doing killing drifters you might as well hit up the lost lewt chests as well and ajax for that possible ajax orge since your already in the area.


I’ve killed dozens of them and never gotten a pearl, I don’t even bother killing them anymore.

There are various Lance chests on both highways I use to farm for Pearls.
And with a massive amounts of luck, you can gett some good enemy drops this way aswell, its how I found my Stalker.

urgh, saw too late that this thread got bumped, still, my advice stands.

I’ve been farming drifters a lot this weekend and have only scored 1 jackal.