Pearl of Ineffable knowledge with Mag Size inc. or Sapper Class Mod with +5 or +4 in the Iron Bank

GT: FoggyOPossums
It would be really appreciated, made 2 new characters to get new pearls, with no luck and having the hardest time finding a proper Sapper class mod for Moze.
Much Appreciated

Have you got any M10 sntnl cryo100 drops yet? I’m at work so haven’t started but I got pearl with MAG size and fire rate so best combo

Hey thats a dope Pearl. I have an Unseen Threat with sntnl 100 cryo, that I can trade, I also have a M10 clairvoyance

If the clairvoyance is sntnl cryo100 then that sounds good to me.

Sorry man, haven’t grinded that much of M10, Hope the pearl finds a good home! lol

If you do drop anything decent M10 with either cryo sntnl or 200% DMG when action skill active let me know

Anything specific in Mind?

Ive got a Nuclear Lyuda, a Pew Pew, Fire Lucians Call

Just Got a Maggie with 100 cryo on SnTNL

That works for me. What’s GT I’ll mail it to you when I’m home from work, probably jump on in about 7 hours

Which Weapon would you like? I Can send it right about now.
My GT : is FoggyOPossums

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Sorry, the Maggie. Sounds good.

IS their a way to send it to you right now? or do I need to wait for you to be my friend?

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Just add me as friend (GT Stray2615) and press X in the mail menu to send.

Sent, enjoy.

Hey man, if you still got that Pearl, I got some nice M10 Zane weapons.