Pearl of knowledge with 50% mag and vulpine st4ckbot

The the stackbot needs to have jacobs crit +50% and either dahl or atlas crit+50% Super picky on this lol just trying to upgrade; The pearl really just needs the +mag size but reload speed would be nice for the 2nd tho not necessary . ive got a ton of m10 guns to trade off for them.

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Can get you a Pearl with 50 mag and FR.

Any chance you have a Kaoson (any element but not kinetic) with 300v90 anoint?

i havent realy farmed the kaoson much i got a decent one first drop(4578x2 incendiary ) but no 300 anoint

i think the pearl can have +mag, + reload spd, +FR, +max health, +health regen and +combat experience

Ok. Any laser sploders with IB 160 or ASE 125 Splash?

I have a pearl with 50% mag size and 17% reload speed I’m on ps4 though, sorry just wanted to confirm it

I’m on Xbox one and have a Pearl with 54% mag size and 17% fire rate if your still interested