Pearl Weapon Question

I was wondering if it was possible to get a pearl weapon on TVHM from the Warrior or Terramorphous? I am currently level 54 and im just spending some time farming both of these guys for legendaries in TVHM. I recently saw a video from Yoteslaya (R.I.P.) where a pearl shotgun dropped from the warrior and he was level 54 as well.

I read that slot machines in Tina’s DLCs can drop them on TVHM.

Only from Tina slot machines in TVHM. Warrior can drop them in UVHM though as Terra should do (but the last case is a luck)

Pearlescent in TVHM? Thats not possible unless from the Tiny Tina slot machines.
Also, check carefully when you watch the video because in TVHM, after beating the Warrior everything (loots, unaccepted mission and mobs) are capped at level 50.

Don’t the dragons drop stalkers or omens in tvhm?

I thought the only exception to UVHM-only were Tina’s slots.

The Dragons can drop the seraph Stinger, Omen and Blockade in any playthrough.

The first set of Pearlescent weapons is included in the first Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade pack. These will appear only while playing in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode. While they can appear from any loot source, they have an increased chance to drop from Legendary Loot Midgets, Tubby enemies, and the final boss in Digistruct Peak. They can also be won from the slot machine in Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep, even in Normal Mode and True Vault Hunter Mode, making that slot machine the only source of Pearlescent weapons of level less than 50.

from wiki, it sounds about right to me, I remember reading info about it on the old board, also a second set of pearls (4 - 5, I think) that are only available after level 61 (included in the second Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade pack)

as well as all the other Raids can also drop their seraphs in any playthrough

Indeed they can but it’s pretty rare (maybe because of overfilled loot pools).

Can you install the second pack without the first one? I thought that it had to be a sequential install.

You can. I got only the second one on the PS3 once and it was essentially the same as if you had the first one installed. The only difference is having access to DigiPeak.