Pearlescent Rarity NEEDS to return!

bring them back and make them a super rare drop from the takedowns, Like finding a shiny in Pokémon! Or getting hit by a plane in GTA Sa during a speedrun! Something not EVERYONE will experience but when you do! It’s one of them moments… Catch a RIDE!!


Pearlescents would be cool if they DIDN’T come with an anointment, and were powerful without one, like the Seventh Sense.

Otherwise, with current drop rates, farming for a rarer Pearlescent with the right anointment would be painful


I’d take anything at this point and it being too powerful without Anointed would actually be really cool. If you can you can vote for Pearl in my thread. It likely seems to be winning and Gearbox gotta see how many of us rather seeing a new rarity in the game

Wow that’s an amazing idea you have! I completely forgot about Glitch weapons till I seen this! That would be so cool if instead of it being anointed It would be glitched to switch between anointment or somthing!

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im actually against more exclusive strong weapons that kill build diversity
now if they arent actually stronger than legendary weapons like in bl2, i dont really understand the point of the rarity


Seeing as pearls came in late in 1 & 2, I wouldn’t be surprised if they pop these, and perhaps something akin to seraphs, in down the road.

But hey, the Bearcat is already in :metal: :stuck_out_tongue: :metal:

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Wasn’t the main reason Pearlescents ever existed was because they were basically legendaries that had their own exclusive currency as the alternative to acquire them? I wouldn’t mind that kind of implementation of legendaries that were their own exclusive group that had an alternative route to acquire than simply finding them only as drops.

I’d also like it if the manufacturer’s gave tokens in the mail with those 100 kill gun redemptions, like in the Torgue DLC in BL2, which you could redeem for manufacturer specific guns from their own vending machine on Sanctuary.

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…and the Storm. :metal:

I hope pearls come to this game. BL3 rains so many legendaries down on us, it would be nice to hunt for some weapons that are actually rare, heh.


And the Sawbar! :fire:


…and the Tunguska :metal:


And the Bekah of course. I still have not seen a Bekah with my own eyes in BL2 yet. :frowning:


Having another tier of super strong character defining weapons would be amazing. That’s what this game is about. Super strong weapons. The only excuse I see for not is that it kills build diversity which is hogwash. It creates build diversity. If you have a super strong weapon or weapons you can run any build you want and play how you want. You’re not stuck running around as Amara the Hedgehog, or playing leap frog in and out of IB.

Please look at doing this gbx!

build diversity doesnt mean that you pick up a weapon and click on what ever you want in your skilltree because the weapon will kill stuff regardless of your bad build XD


That is a false argument. When the weapon makes everything in your skill tree not matter in relation to the effectiveness of your build that kills build diversity…


At least the Bekah was good tho :laughing:

No it doesn’t it, promotes build diversity because you can use any build you want. You can play how you want, use the type of weapon you want. Instead of being forced into one build and 4 weapons, you can use any of the new pearl weapons and any build you want. Build diversity sky rockets!

you mean like, going full bow skill tree in skyrim and then killing stuff with a modded greatsword?
are you trolling at this point?

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Soooo. Does everyone remember what pearls were in 1 and 2?

Unicorns for the most part and worthwhile? Weeeeeeeeell.

Bessie. How many of those have you found? Not many probably. And where do you get it? Craw. And what’s one of the best guns to pop Craw’s pimples? Bessie.

Hey, how ‘bout that Masher Unforgiven! I’m sure it was legit!

Ah. Then the first generation of pearls arrived in 2.

  • Bearcat! Watch your ammo reserves plummet whilst your DPS fall to zero!
  • Unforgiven! Hope you got that headshot cuz you won’t get a second with its paralyzing RoF!
  • Butcher! Six prefixes and five of them make the gun useless!
  • Avenger! Apparently it can take down raid bosses but kudos if you can kill anything else!
  • Tunguska! You’re dead!
  • Storm! Stalker! Sawbar! Ok, they were pretty cool.

And then…the…second gen :scream:
Literally unfarmable except at OP8. And even then.

@Rumplebunny and I have been lamenting for years - YEARS! - that we have never found a Bekah.



If they return, I’d like to see a BL1 approach to them.

All of them should be tier 1 weapons (not top tier though, and no crap guns like many pearls in BL2). Make them super rare, so that they primarily serve as an accomplishment for players who got them. They shouldn’t be BIS gear, but still very good of course.

I want to get excited when one finally drops. I want to be able to clear most content with these pearls, but there should always be better gear/legendaries out there, so that the most powerful gear isn’t gated behind abysmal low drop rates.

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its best to stop adding craps before everything else sort out , or it just gonna get even more messy imo