Pearlescents from Tubbies

I’ve been farming Tubbies in Frostburn Canyon trying to have one of the new pearlescent weapons drop (preferably the Bekah) but I haven’t had any luck. I find Frostburn Canyon to better than the Dust when it comes to Tubby Outcomes. I’ve had practically every class mod drop but still no pearl. Should I keep farming Tubbies or is there an easier method of obtaining the second set of pearlescent weapons legitimately? Also I’ve been using the master gee glitch for higher chances of Tubbies appearing. Also I’m only level 72 if that affects the outcome of the drops.

Well the final boss of digistruct peek on op8_ has a 100% chance to drop a pearl (gen 1 and 2). That’s where I got my pearls from. But since your not op8 Id say keep it up mate! You’ll get a pearl eventually

Make sure you check the red chests as well, as they have a chance of coughing up loot, or a legendary loot midget. I’ve actually got several pearlescent and legendary weapons from the red chest up and to the left of where you fight Spycho. Check out @anon43818509’s loot maps (below) for all the locations - you’ll increase your chances of getting a pearl by checking more spawn areas and chests.

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I’ve killed hundreds of Tubbies, mostly behind Ellie’s garage. Never had a pearl drop. Ever.

I’ve had a pearl from the first set drop from a regular stalker, though. That’s RNG for you.

Only gen 1 pearls from OMGWTH

I’ve been farming Tubbies all over everywhere for months and still have not seen a 2nd-gen pearl at all, and only four 1st-gens.

I’ve had the best luck with pearls from the loot train @ mercenary day, and loot midgets

is this new? OMGWTF never drops me pearls.

They are there…just a &$#%^&**&&^%$^^^ to find.

I’ve lucked out with my Carnage(s) and the ONE Godfinger I have ever found.

I run Digistruct every morning to wake up, and I can’t count how many pearls I’ve found sold
(like they stated, they almost always drop…almost. I’m guessing that sometimes they drop off the cliff, depending where I kill him)

Good luck. Ive been farming the tubbies since the second gen of pearls came out in 2013. And never had one drop. In the hundreds of tubbies ive killed i had one pearl drop and it was a sawbar. I think gearbox made the second gen pearls way to ridiculous to aquire.

i’d say its roughly 15-20% of tubbies carry a pearl for me. 5-6% of LLM’s.

Mine were 50/50; two each from Tubbies and LLMs.

no i mean of all tubbies. if i make an effort to do runs, i’ll usually see 3-4 tubbies minimum per 10 dust runs.

Thats the complete opposite for me. Whenever I go to the dust no Tubbies spawn. When I go to Frostburn Canyon I get around 3-4 Tubbies.

I’ve managed to get at least 1 of every pearl except the Godfinger (the only one I’m missing) from both tubbies and LLM, and the occasional red chest or even more rarely, a random world drop. Haven’t done the loot train in a while and I can’t remember if I ever got a pearl from it…

ive always got my pearls from the tubbies in arid nexus badlands. great map for farming IMO.

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I’m staring at that post, wondering how it never occurred to me to farm AN-Badlands. I actually enjoy that zone. Tubby chances and mini bosses… It’s…

How did I miss that?!

Well, I know what I’m doing next time I get to play!

3 easily reachable skag spawns (more if you want to go out of your way) two mini bosses, and 4 red chests, all of them hidden (IDK if being hidden gives better loot, but i’ve seen legendaries and pearls in those chests) plus a fun mobbing area.

I’ve had better luck finding Tubbies in the AN Boneyard, and the skags in general are right there by the Fast Travel…do the whole area on foot. As a bonus, Hunter’s broadcast location is right there for Bee chances.

I’m not saying that the Badlands isn’t a good area, I’m just saying that the Boneyard is there also.

The old pearls yeah, but not the new ones. The new pearls only drop from Tubbies and apparently OMGWTF in digistruct peak.