Pearlescents from Tubbies

nope. OMGWTH can only drop old pearls. ive had all the new pearls drop from tubbies and loot midgets.

Never got that far into digistruct peak so that is why I was not completely certain. I know he can drop the old pearls but was not sure about the new ones.

Call me a broken record but Gearbox should of had Craw Jr. drop the new pearls. Would of been one helluva incentive to farm him as a raid boss.


that would be sweet!

Only tubbies. LLM’s don’t drop the new pearls.

I had a little time today. Went to AN-Badlands, crossing the one run over into AN-Boneyard.

2 tubbies, 2 LLMs (loader variety), Saturn, the chests, quests for Jack echoes and skag weapon parts (skipped those during my play through).

Respect Authority fun. No special drops.

Had a blast!

sorry. i thought that the storm was new. derp.

That is a depressing stat!

For myself, after reading and emjoying @derch 's Beckah enthusing wihle lurking around here, I started farming tubbies, hoping to get my hands on one. I took probably twenty or so runs around Frostburn, Dust, Varkid Ranch and the Caustic Caverns hut using the Hyperius gate 4-player difficulty trick at UVHM lv 72, and saw not one single new Pearl.

I then read (on this forum, I think) about farming the first Creature Slaughter mission for tubbies. There, after 32 runs, again in 4-player difficulty, lv 72, uvhm, and I think 22 dead tubbies later, I still haven’t seen a single new pearl drop.

Since I’d read some speculation about the drop-rate hotfix maybe pushing down drop rates for the new pearls, I did half the runs with no hotfix (by playing offline.) I decided to keep notes so I could track the drop rates. I’m going to paste these below, in case anyone is curious - I don’t think there’s any significant difference, though my sample size is too small at this point to be worth anything much.

So after all this woffle, and all this tubbie-dispatching without seeing any pearls, I do find myself wondering if there’s some setup I missed, or if the drop-rates are just that low? I do have Digistruct Peak installed, but haven’t visited it yet, if that makes any difference.

Also, I haven’t been able to find any good info on drop rates for new pearls - does anyone have this or maybe it’s still an open problem? :slight_smile:

As mentioned, my notes so far - apologies for the (non-)formatting, not really used to posting here as yet… If anyone is interested, I’ll update this once I level my new Maya up to 72 and get back onto the Beckah-hunt…

no hotfix:

1) no tubbies
2) round 4: tubby spiderant; drop: purple skin, blue com
3) round 3: tubby skag; drop: legendary hoarder lev 72
4) round 4: tubby spiderant; drop: legendary binder lev 71
5) round 3: tubby spiderant; drop: legendary binder lev 72
6) no tubbies
7) no tubbies
8) round 4: tubby spiderant; drop: rocket speed bunny lev 72
9) round 4: tubby spiderant; drop: legendary nurse lev 71
10) no tubbies
11) no tubbies
12) round 1: tubby skag; drop: purple mechro skin
    round 2: tubby spiderant; drop: legendary reaper lev 72
    round 4: tubby spiderant; drop: legendary reaper lev 72 again!
13) no tubbies
14) round 4: tubby spiderant; drop: legendary anarchist lev 72
15) round 4: tubby spiderant; drop: legendary cat lev 70
16) round 4; tubby spiderant; drop: legendary cat lev 71 that's 3 consecutive com pairs!

hotfix active:

1) round 2: tubby spiderant; drop: legendary catalyst lev 71
2) round 4: tubby spiderant; drop: wtf shield lev 71
3) round 4: tubby spiderant; drop: legendary nurse lev 72
4) no tubbies
5) no tubbies

At this point I somehow managed to take out the last spiderling while suiciding so accidentally reached the turn-in stage for the mission.

... 2 days later

6) Round 1: tubby skag; drop: legendary sickle lev 70
7) no tubbies
8) no tubbies
9) Round 4: tubby spiderant; drop: legendary reaper lev 70
10) Round 2: tubby spiderant; drop: ultraprecise bunny lev 72
11) Round 2: tubby spiderant; drop: cracked sash lev 71
12) Round 4: tubby spiderant; drop: legendary binder lev 71
13) Round 4: tubby spiderant; drop: legendary sickle lev 71
14) Round 4: tubby spiderant; drop: legendary ranger lev 72
15) no tubbies
16) no tubbies

The drop rate for Pearls is much higher on OP8 than 72. It’s depressingly frustrating to farm on 72. I got two Bekahs from two Tubbies back to back at OP8 once. So there’s that.

Also, Tubbies can drop all 12 Pearls, only 4 of which are the new ones, but always only one unless one of them happens to be a world drop but that is so unlikely you might as well pretend it doesn’t happen. So basically, it’s 1:3 for a new Pearl IF a Pearl drops as the Legendary stuff (Cracked Sash and Skin included) are in another Pool entirely. If you want a specific new Pearl however, such the Bekah in this case, we are looking at 1:12, depressing considering how rare tubbies are and how unlikely the actual drop is.

Theory incoming:
It really doesn’t feel like Tubby Pearls were actually affected by the drop rate increase hotfix. This might be because they aren’t part of the “Legendary Loot Pool” which most bosses have. This “Pearl Pool” which may or may not be exclusive to Pearls (LLMs may share that, but without the 4 “new” Pearls).
Theory over

It’s… bad…

Is there a trick to making Tubbies appear? Reading all the posts on here it seems some get them every other run, but I’ve been farming The Dust, Frostburn Canyon and WEP for several hours a day for over a week now and not seen a single one. I want to replace the Leg Cat COM the game stole from me but I need them to meet me halfway and appear first :cry:

4-player mode? That should work…

I have been lucky with tubby pearls though.

I used to do pest control behind Ellie’s Garage, like some hyped up Terminix employee who specializes in autobody shops.

Shortly thereafter I went back to the Fyrestone area. Mainly because as Krieg, I could draw a tun of them towards me (as the Skags tend to spawn at once as opposed to several different punctures like in the Dust) and then just Bloodsplode the lot of them.

The NSA Round 1 in the WEP is really the way to go. I did a few runs on it and noticed that I was getting about 2 Tubby enemies every three runs. Which is a great rate. You just have to make sure to NOT FINISH THE QUEST. Fail it, or just log off.

After killing a few Tubbies, I got a pretty good OP8 Torch, so I decided to call it a night. On my way to the fast travel station (which is miles away) I got attacked by a Tubby stalker just as I was about to fly.

It dropped an OP7 Wanderlust.

I’ve seen you comment on this here and in another thread, and it has me scratching my head a bit. The first question that begs to be ask is if you’re in UVHM and over level 61? If you are, then you should be running into them.

When I’m specifically looking for Tubbies, I usually go to Frostburn and take this route:

zone in --> Scorch area --> Lascaux puddles --> upper spider ant spawn area (from which you would go downhill into the big bandit camp on the way to the Firehawk Lair)

Another very fast run with a lot of Tubby chances is the Arid Nexus Badlands. The skag areas all around the perimeter of the map are very fast to check. I’ve had multiple runs with more than 1 Tubby there.

I’m level 72 in UVHM.

Don’t get me wrong, I have seen them before. But for some reason they can see me coming at the moment and stay hidden. Must be just RNG but it sure is frustrating! Wanted to replace my Leg Cat COM before resetting the quests but it’s proving a bit of an arduous task…

I also cover all the spiderants in Frostburn. I go a different route but that shouldn’t have an affect. I turn right after spawning and enter the caves that way. I clear them where the bandits are and then head up past the Lascaux puddle towards Scorch. I then head up to the central area and do those, finishing up at the small area just above the vendors.

Haven’t tried Arid Nexus Badlands yet, thanks. Might give that a go next

Tubbies in Arid Badlands appear quite often.

Most of the tubbies I’ve ever run into were either in the Dust, Caustic Caverns or Arid Nexus Boneyard/Badlands…Three Horns Valley near the Happy Pig Motel would rate an honorable mention…


What about runs in the WEP up to about the Natural Selection Annex?

Has anyone met with success through those?

1 tubby in the little skag pack. and rarely a tubby in pimon and tumbaa’s area.

WEP must have those creatures on a strict diet.

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Usually some tubby skag or stalker, rarely rakks. Not very successful in my case. Yet, there should be a higher chance with the 4-player mode enabled.

I think I’ve seen about 1 Tubby Rakk in all my playing days.