Pearlescents not spawning

I cannot for the life of me get a pearl in bl2 anyone help im in uvhm as 62 zero and nothing has dropped from me and I’ve been trying for 2 months I’m on xbox 1 and 360

Pearls have a very low drop rate. To my understanding, every time the game would drop a legendary, it re-rolls and there’s a low chance it drops a pearl instead. I’ve heard it’s a ten percent chance, but couldn’t find anything on a quick search to verify that. Your best source is probably the loot midgets in WEP or in Sawtooth/Thousand Cuts. I think Thousand Cuts is easier if you take but don’t complete the Rocko’s mission. Past OP4 or maybe it’s five, the boss at the end of Digistruct Peak also drops them. There’s also Tubby farming as well, Dust is good for that. A couple of things to note, you’re almost at max level and so a Pearl won’t last too long even if you get one. Most Pearls aren’t that good, which is ridiculous, but they are mostly collector’s items outside of a few, like the Butcher or Bekah. RNG is just that, so keep at it and one will drop.

I hope so I’ve just seen way too many jimmy Jenkins

At least you got the BA rank from Jimmy :sunglasses:, You might want to mix it up, some people love grinding loot midgets, but not myself, mainly because I don’t like having to do that door fight in WEP or having to open every container in Thousand Cuts every time, then do it all again. If you haven’t done all the content, you might just want to give it a rest, get yourself to 72 then go for it again, or just take time out of normal missions in areas that spawn Tubbies and just hope that one drops along the way to max level.

Guaranteed on OP8


This is good advice. Some of the pearls are great weapons to have, but they’re not worth pursuing as an end in themselves. Consider it the icing on the cake when one randomly shows up after you’ve done something particularly awesome. I think I have found about 6 after playing frequently since they were introduced (varying from level 61-72), so they are pretty rare.

If you are sick of the loot midgets you can try tubbies as well, as they have a chance to drop a pearlescent. Plus you get basically the guaranteed legendary as well

But how many Bunny launchers can one person realistically use? :stuck_out_tongue:


At least it’s a good cash source for if you ever find a legendary in a vending machine haha

For me the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve with the Creature Slaughter Dome (you can spawn outside and drastically cut down the travel time by doing so) is the best for midget farming. Even if you accidentally nab the ECHO recorder in the box it is still a good spot.

The second generation Pearlescent weapons are arguably the hardest family of weapons to touch as they drop from Tubbies which may or may not spawn to begin with.

I strongly recommend waiting until level cap before dedicating your time to farming anything, especially in UVHM. Unless you are using the Rubi, Grog Nozzle, or a weapon with a high chance of slag or an exceptionally powerful weapon such as the Pimpernal or Bekah the weapon will become near-obsolete 3-4 levels from when you got it, and that is assuming it drops the same level as you do.

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