Pearlescents should be droppable from all parts of the game

It was odd when the robolution came out and we discovered that pearlescent rarity could only drop in the Knoxx dlc. And even there, only from certain enemies. In Knoxx dlc that made me want to only fight those particular enemies and only play in that part of the game. And it made me want to play the robolution a whole lot less. Or at least I wanted to farm it less.

Since they’re going to remaster Borderlands, they should allow pearlescent drops to occur in any part of the game. I’m not saying they should make them drop all the time. Just allow them to drop from more parts of the game so we have incentive to farm more areas.

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I could perhaps get behind this. What would be the terms you guys would like as for a total game pearl drop ablity? Enemies, percentage, etc.

I feel like the drop rates for pearls should be same as the current borderlands 2/presequal legendary drop rate and the original borderlands legendary drop rate should be untouched. Just my 2 cents.

I think in a “remastered” edition, Pearls should drop from ALL Badasses (like they do in Knoxx) as well as replacing a few red chests in Vanilla and DLC1/4 with Lance Chests.

EG: the one on the roof at Headstone Mine, the hidden one in The Back Door, The one at the end of Treachers Landing, and other ones that can’t be easily farmed.


I agree, that would make me revisit other areas. As it is, I do tend to stick to Knoxx’s DLC.

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Sorry I think the Pearls should remain in the Knoxx dlc, I’m not sure but I think it had something to do with Craw (someone who’s more up on the lore may be able to confirm this).
Pearls should be super rare and not something to pick up anywhere.

So about 1/30 from a badass? That seems a little too high for me. Regardless, I could get behind this idea. Seemed pretty weird to me that they on;y drooped in that DLC

more like 1/1000 probably. you don’t see lance drop pearls often either. it may even be a 1/10000 chance. I don’t remember the exact numbers.

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OK, that sounds much better.

Yes. I just want to be able to get them from other parts of the game. I don’t need them to drop commonly. But just knowing that I could potentially get a pearl from the Destroyer, for example, could be pretty cool.

I personally don’t care if they drop in other areas. To me this is a trivial matter.

They need to make more guns! More Eridian guns. Make a Jacobs elemental gun. Add all the guns they decided to take out at last minute.

Jacobs had rocket launchers. Bring them back! Make a good corrosive sniper rifle and SMG. Make more grenade mods and shields. Fix the melee speed on pistols.

No, to most of your suggestions.

Changing to Bl1 weapon system would be bad. The only bits I agree with are fixing pistol melee (UUURG) and maybe bringing back Grenade Launchers, since they were cut seemingly near to completion and would make rocket launchers more in line with other weapon types like Snipers and Shotguns.

We most certainly do not need another OP elemental unique which trivialises all other SMGs/Snipers/Whatever of it’s element.

Main priority should be fixing broken COMs, Penetrator/Draco/Plauge/Invader naming issues and the Reaper, how the rarest weapon in the game shipped broken is a mystery to me (unless they couldn’t find it and said “pfft, I’m sure it probably does melee damage”.)

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Going to agree with this. Pearls are super-rare within a specific part of the game already, expanding their availability would bring gameplay back to other parts too.

I’d also like to see them as possible Underdome rewards. For example, the more rounds you successfully complete in a row, the higher the chance you can find one as a reward (this could also apply to Legendaries, the chance would be higher than Pearls of course) and a guaranteed one after Round 20 (3+ hours of stressful competition for just one random Pearl doesn’t seem too ridiculous too me).
The better you do, the more likely you are to get a few Pearls. Considering the amount of them it would still be hard to get them all, especially with great parts.


I didn’t suggest changing the weapon system so I’m confused on what you mean.

As well snipers and SMGs lack an actually decent corrosive weapon. Sure they have them but they are pretty useless once you have a difiler or crux. If I put together a sniper build I’ll never choose a corrosive sniper because I know they suck. So I’ll choose a difiler because it actually acts like a corrosive gun. Same for SMGs.

As well having a larger variety of shield and grenade mods is always a plus. I mean they didn’t put a whole lot of effort into them. Especially the pearlescent ones. Those are a joke to pearlescent gear.

Same thing for the eridian weapons. They are unique, different and could have been something awesome but they screwed it up completely. I don’t even know why they thought of lowering your movement speed while holding them. They are already subpar to normal guns. Bring back better is all I am saying. Take the stupid movement speed off and actually put some thought into their effects and ■■■■.

Absolutely not. The only thing they should be doing to weapons is fixing the errors with them such as the reapers non existent melee boost. We don’t need new weapons and gear or balancing of the old ones, even if their effects arnt the best I want them to stay just the way they are.

Why shouldn’t they add new weapons?

Because it’s a remaster, not a remake. I agree that new easy s should not be added. Rather, they should focus on fixing the old ones



Then they should just say its a remake and remake it. It doesn’t avtually need a remaster. I’ll olay the one I have and be just as content. They don’t need a remaster with a few bug fixes. They can just fix the guns now and call it a day.

A remaster can be more than just weapon fixes. Updated graphics, mission errors, general game-play errors, sound quality, and a better online system could probably be implemented without killing the nostalgic feeling of bl. However adding new content isnt what a remaster is supposed to be.