Pearlescents should be droppable from all parts of the game

Yeah, 6 years is too early for a remake. I kinda wish this wasn’t happening, but on the other hand I’m buying it because Borderlands 1 is in my top 5 all time favourites (with about 20 other games :dukejk: )

Any time after 2019 is ok to do a “remake” with big changes, by the it could be a seamless open world (if they could do that now, I’d be 100% ok with it) along with new weapon/part models (unique part models for each Manufactorer could be cool, IF they all looked awesome and stylistically Hyperion/S&S/Atlas/whatever from the FIRST GAME)

Also GBX or 2K Aus or whichever C-teir studio is handling this ,(before anyone gets sad, no I didn’t call 2k C-grade, and no C-grade isn’t an insult, they have to start somewhere), If you guys f*ck this up, I will send my first ever angry email. You’ll get loads of critism here whatever you do, but I am too emotionally invested in this game to let a bad remaster go un-angry-emailed, especially with the current state if ps3 bl1.

Here is a list of stuff I would be angry aboot!

  1. Changing the weapon system: GBX stumbled upon near perfection with Bl1s weapons. That is procedurally generated done right, I don’t care if TECHNICALLY bl2 and TPS have more variety because they don’t, it’s the same gun with different rarity.

  2. Writing changes, I know Bl1s (vannila) story was criticised almost universally by critics and Bl2s/TPS’s was praised, BUT that’s no excuse to change stuff, don’t become George Lucas, please.

  3. don’t censor ANYTHING, don’t you dare. Keep all the swearing (sh*t isn’t that bad of a word) keep the gore (only changes I’ll be happy with are using the increased hardware to make it more gorey. By all means add a filter, but leave the yucky stuff an option (a third option called “Quientin Tarintino” that makes it Kill Bill blood spurts would be welcome)

This rambling incoherent post was brought to you on News Year Day, I’m not hung over, so I’m probably still drunk.


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Absolutely agree with both of these!

It’d be cool to see the possibility of pearls dropping from other areas, but don’t touch the rest of the weapons system!!! Fix what was broken, but don’t break what wasn’t broken to begin with!

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I would not worry about them changing anything major. Too much work for a game that is old. Only big change I would get behind is a resettable playthrough, fix the bugged gear, maybe just polish the gameplay a bit (always thought sniping was awkward). Other than that BL1 was perfect.

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Yes to rest able play through. If they add a third play through, that would be a bonus. I hope the keep most of the things the same, so people who get it for the first time have the same good experience we did.

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Another minor change I would like would be to add the few uniques that arnt farmable to someones loot pool, either a miniboss or Craw. Bl1 was amazing since you could farm 99% of uniques whenever, but a certain few required Dashboarding to farm a good version.

King Wee Wee’s Super Booster
Athenas Wisdom
Chico Amigo

and maybe some others.

EDIT: and fix the SDU bullsh*t, make them all 100% chance and not mess up in 2.5 so you dont have to do DLCs overlevled to get max Backpack space.


Wonder if they could make it possible to use your existing save on the remastered game.
I’ve got a few maxed characters on a couple of profiles that are screaming out to be be able to run a third playthrough.

Anyone know if this would be possible as I don’t know if the xbox one has a usb port.

Xbone has a USB port yes.

Porting a save file would be cool, but I doubt it, it definetly won’t work for me since I doubt my console will accept it’s fathers arch-enemy’s save file.

There are a lot of weapons I don’t want to farm for again…* has intimate moment with near perfect Avenger, Bulldog and Ogre *