Pearlescents that Returned as Legendaries

It dawned in me that some of the better Pearlescents are in the game, and a couple are some of the best in class. I don’t remember them all but with the Bekah back this week for the 48hr birthday party, and the the Butcher being in the Black Market a couple of weeks back, and a lot of Storms dropping during loot the world, it got me thinking just how many Pearlescents are actually in the game with a revised rarity? Maybe even a Seraph or two?

Also, are there any that are basically renamed/ slightly reworked versions? Like the Spinner being a bit Chulain & Florentine Or the Monocle being like the Godfinger?

I scarcely know how many unique weapons are in the game, and I sure don’t know every Pearl in BL1 or two.

Please use Spoiler tags.

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The bearcat :rofl: some pearlescent that was


The Tsunami, the Nemesis, Tunguska.

Strangely BL3 has quiete a few items that change not only rarity but also type. There are uniques that are now legendaries, pearlescents that are now legendaries and weapons that completely changed type like the Sandhawk. Manufacturers also changed for no real reason.

Although thinking about it BL2 kinda did this too, with the Butcher being a normal Shotgun type being “promoted” to a single pearlescent item, The Chopper, Cobra…

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The Sawbar…. 3/10 could use a little more damage. Tbh I always hated how weak it was in BL2

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sawbar was weak? what are you on about son not only it was strong it also had raid tier damage with bee. things i read on these forums man.

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Yeah the one that makes me scratch my head is the Hellfire. It’s always been Maliwan since day one in BL1, but now it’s Dahl. :man_shrugging:

Yeah that was strange too, but I think in this case it’s because there’s no such thing as a Torgue sniper in BL2 and I guess they really wanted to bring it back heh


(With the Bee) well obviously mostly anything was good with the Bee lmao but yea it’s was not that good Not sure what your dreaming about

Amigo Sincero (BL2) and the Ionic Disruptor (BL3) both skip shields / armour to damage health.

You are smocking if you think sawbar is weak in bl2. It is one of the strongest. No gun has raid damage without bee except for norfleet/badaboom. As I said without bee sawbar owns mobbing. So what are you dreaming.

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Headsplosion is pretty close to a Cobra, esp the BL2 version. Neither really touches the destructive force of the BL1 Cobra though that thing was nuts on Brick.

I think this calls for a Google Spreadsheet for pearls whereabouts. I’ll update with a link shortly.
Working on the spreadsheet currently:

Manufacturer Item Type Model Name Special Effect Borderlands 1 The Presequel Borderlands2 Borderlands 3
Anshin Shield Rose Instant Health Regen upon depletion Borderlands 1
Atlas Revolver Aries Shock Transfusion Borderlands 1
Atlas Shield Omega Shock Resistant & Fast Recharge Borderlands 1 Kala Transformer Transformer
Dahl Combat Shotgun Jackal Shoots Arching Grenades Borderlands 1
Hyperion Repeater Pistol Nemesis Borderlands 1 Borderlands 3
Jakobs Pump-Action Sniper Rifle Bessie 5x Crit & 100% Accuracy Borderlands 1
Maliwan SMG Tsunami Shock & Corrosive Swirl + Ricochet Borderlands 1 Frostfire Chulain/ Florentine Borderlands 3
Pangolin Shield Ironclad Massive Capacity Borderlands 1 Shield of Ages
S&S Munitions Support Machine Gun Serpens Corrosive Locked Accurate Borderlands 1
Tediore Burst Rifle Avenger Borderlands 1 Borderlands 2
Torgue Rocket Launcher Undertaker Borderlands 1 Borderlands 3
Vladof Machine Pistol Stalker Borderlands 1 Borderlands 2
Dahl Assault Rifle Bearcat Borderlands 2 Borderlands 3
Jakobs Pistol Unforgiven Borderlands 2 Borderlands 3
Hyperion Shotgun Butcher Borderlands 2 Borderlands 3
Maliwan Sniper Rifle Storm Orion Borderlands 2 Borderlands 3
Tediore Submachine Gun Avenger Combat Rifle Borderlands 2
Vladof Pistol Stalker Machine Pistol Borderlands 2
Bandit Assault Rifle Sawbar Borderlands 2 Borderlands 3
Torgue Rocket Launcher Tunguska Borderlands 2 Borderlands 3
Jakobs Assault Rifle Bekah Borderlands 2 Borderlands 3
Jakobs Sniper Rifle Godfinger Borderlands 2
Maliwan Pistol Wanderlust Borderlands 2
Torgue Shotgun Carnage Bordlerlands 1 Borderlands 2

you know you can find those information on borderlands wiki right?

Heh, you don’t say? :grin:

This is intended to work as a pseudo-timeline for each weapon/ special effect across the series.

The actual table is in a google doc but I’m not done with the formatting or sure how I want to note equivalent weapons and what qualifies them as such.

I leaned hard in the wiki for the initial structure but didn’t see a comprehensive list in one table with the additional info I want to note.

they haven’t found the sweet spot yet.

“Not finding the sweet spot” is one of the best metaphors for BL3 as a whole. The Sawbar feels rather mediocre in BL3, but workable. And it’s great in the hands of Moze. In BL2 the Sawbar was way harder to use, making it more rewarding to master it. But used correctly it was extremely strong.

Btw. I find that many of the Torgue (and general splash) legendaries are underwhelming on everyone but Moze and maybe TTB Amara. They often feel as if they were balanced around broken characters, especially considering what Fire in the Skag-Den does to your splash damage. But that could just be me.

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