Pearls for trade/giveaway

I have some extra pearls to trade/give away.
Steel undertaker
Scoped stalker
Fulgurating nemesis
2x long Bessie
I’m looking for the rolling splatter, fireball,fire bomb and the stampeding splatter gun. And the reaper.

Not to bring up an old post but I’m the first the reply so I figured I’d give it a shot… I have a ton of legendaries and a few eridian. Sadly no legendary eridians. I’ll check my inventory though and see what I got and maybe you’d be interested. I Would love to trade for a Bessie or Nemesis. You still play, ya?

i still play and stuff is still up for trade /giveaway. im on xbox 360 my disc drive is broken atm tho . i should a replacement or xbox one soon tho. ill message u when i get stuff sorted and can get on bl

im back playing borderlands if u still wanna trade

I found a reaper!

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