Pearls in red chests, yes or no

I was watching a twitch stream today and it was mentioned that only lance chests spawn pearls, , well im damn sure I’ve found them in red chests while doing farmoury runs.
Would be interested to know if I’m wrong or right and if there’s been a patch so they can’t spawn in red chests any more.

No, Pearls’ only designated spawn locations are lance chests, drifters, BA enemies, and Craw. I wasn’t around for earlier patches, but I’ve never heard anybody mention pearls being found in red chests before.

This is when I know I should of taken a pic of my finds because I definitely remember finding an Undertaker in a red chest in the farmoury.
It was on the middle level and next to a lance chest near the bridge where you go down to the bottom next to the elevator room.
The lance chest was the one in front of the rocket and the pearl was in the red chest to the right of it.
It’s the chest I use to jump on to the container to get the red chest on top of the container.
Oh well I guess my grey cells have finally given up the ghost lol.

Odd this is finding a lot of Orange in white chests and trash bins…

Your mind is playin’ tricks on you and you’re not remembering correctly. No offense, of course, it happens to everyone. Even I could have sworn I saw a regular Lance Engineer drop a Pearl one time, but I know it must have been a Badass or I killed two simultaneously and overlooked it. The game has been out for years and the game code has been stripped; there has never been one confirmed Pearl from a regular red or white chest. It’s just not possible. Even if I took your word for it, it’d just mean there was some crazy glitch that caused a certain chest to have the rarity level of a Lance Chest or some screw up in game development. You’d be famous around here if you actually found something like that and provided proof. Haha

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Not famous lol but was fairly well known on the old Borderlands forum and played my fair share of the game.
That said we all know pearls are rare, I don’t dispute that however if you only ever did farmoury runs opening lance chests then that’s the only place you’re going to find them.
Now I’m not one of the guys who know the game code inside out and have never claimed to be but if I said I found a pearl in a red chest then I did.
That doesn’t mean I’m famous it just means no body else has bothered to say anything about it if they had and it makes me wish I’d taken a picture of it at the time.
Now if a Dev was to pop in here and say yay or nay I’d believe him.

Where are you Botman?

On a side note I did actually find something in Borderlands no one else did but nothing came of it and it wasn’t a easter egg unfortunately.
If I can find a link to it on the old forum I’ll post it here but whenever I go back there I get the notification that it’s been archived.

You’re a human like rest of us and for normal human beigns it’s perfectly normal to remember things incorrectly. Maybe I’m wrong, but the big picture tells that it’s far too likely that it’s the case. There are no confirmed pearls dropping ever from red chests, so probability that you’re right is jus next to zero, especially for us others whose don’t have the piece of memory telling us otherwise.

Maybe you mean the old pearls pre-general Knoxx, the white ones? Maybe you found one while playing custom content? Which pearl it was anyway?

I remember you. I’m just saying you would be famous if you legitimately provided proof of something like that because, well, it’s not possible. It would blow our minds and change everything we thought we knew. I do open all red chests when I farm as well. You were either in custom content or you don’t remember it correctly, bud. I’m not trying to be rude. What we now know as Pearlescent weapons were not added until the 3rd DLC. They were added the same time the Lance Chests were and coded to only be available from them. The only possible explanation could be a particular red chest being glitched and having a higher awesome level or rarity pool, and even something like that would be extremely unlikely to have remained undiscovered this long.

It was only the one that I remember and that was an Undertaker.
I’m on the xbox 360 so custom maps are not an option for me.
If I’m wrong I’m wrong but I’m damn sure I picked it up and then jumped on the same red chest to get onto of the container.

Pearls only in general knoxx dlc silver chest and craw

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They can drop from Bad Asses as well. But again, this is only in the General Knoxx DLC. They can also drop from other enemies like the Drifters, got a Jackal from them before.

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Yes I knew about the other places but it was just the red chest question that puzzled me.

All good now though.

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