Penalised for leaving pvp but not pve

if i leave a pve game i can start any new pve game or join pvp. if however i leave a pvp match im locked out of all content even the solo play for the duration of the pvp match i left. in the case of incursion it means im locked out of the game for upto 30mins. now that is steep for any game and unfair considering how unfair pvp matchmaking and map selection is at the moment.

why would i play 30mins on a map i dont want to play when it is voted for 100% of the time and i have already done 2 hrs straight on it. i would rather play some pve and try for the map i want later but i cant because im locked out of the entire game for 30mins. im more likely to get caught up doing something else outside the game and not come back.

not saying people shouldnt be penalised for leaving pvp. they should but you cant blame them for leaving when they have played the exact same content for hours with zero change of the map changing.

there should be no penalty for leaving one type of gameplay to go to the other. they should be atleast tryng to keep players ingame.

If you don’t want to play on the map that gets picked as you say 100% of the time chose a different game mode instead of choosing and quitting. It is rude and poor manners to join a competitive multiplayer match and quit based on the map and or some one else getting the character you want due to it being competitive and the match stats are tracked and recorded where as for pve almost every mission is able to be done solo.


thats not my problem. there is always a chance of the map i want dropping in so its my right to keep trying for it even if the chances are slim to none. i didn’t make the scenario. im just making the best of it.

if someone was serious about their stats at a competitive level then they would be in a team and i wouldn’t be able to join them to start with.

the game design is at fault here not me. to start with player voting on 2 maps is a bad idea, lore challenges that put none pvp players in that competitive environment is a bad idea, poor matchmaking and unbalanced characters tops it off as a complete mess.

this is all besides the point. i tried for what i wanted and i didn’t get it. do i continue to play or leave the game are my only 2 options.when people are forced to play content they don’t like or leave the game then something is broken

Which map is it that you so desperately need? Ever thought about playing it in a private match solo or with a friend?

I actually think there needs to be more penalties for people that leave matches after they start. Too many people dodge out and only have to wait a few minutes for the team they left behind to get destroyed, surrender, or leave. I think they need a debuff like they do in other games like this. Give a 30 minute time out. I’ll take it too cause I have left plenty of matches knowing there would be no consequences.


And that’s why you probably shouldn’t play team based games. It is your team so it is effectively your problem

your missing the point. i do not want to play pvp. i can pvp but i don’t want to. i have to play pvp in order to progress with my characters lore. i cannot progress with my characters lore because of bad game design which forces me to do certain things in pvp which cannot be done like play on a specific map which nobody wants to play and when i cant do those things i’m blocked from going back to pve.

if i wasn’t blocked its likely i would go back to pve for a few hrs forgetting about pvp but as it stands i end up having to quit the game after being blocked and unable to play any content pvp or pve and come back 30 mins later at which point im thinking lets try again, i might get lucky which i don’t and it repeats.

this is the only game i have ever played that prevents you from playing all of its content if you leave pvp. every game i have played if you leave pvp your blocked from pvp only. if you leave a dungeon etc your blocked from them only. and neither block you from solo content . that is all except this game.

i have no problem being blocked from pvp for leaving. make it an hr for all i care. i should always be able to play something even if it is me doing a solo mission

I can understand this a little. There’s a lot of heroes whose lore you can complete in PvE, but there are a couple you’re forced to complete in PvP in specific maps and in specific modes. Some people don’t like that map or mode (or both), but if they want to get the “Master of [Hero]” title, they have to do these hated things.

That I do understand. A lot of the pvp challenges are quite rediculous in their requirements.

For this though a lot of MOBA’s do this

Wait, you can’t PvE if you quit out of PvP…? I didn’t know that was a thing, but if so it is BEYOND BEYOND BEYOND BEYOND BEYOND stupid.

I mean I don’t usually quit, but if I did and was locked out of PvE that would kinda be a dealbreaker for me.

I don’t quit games so I wouldn’t be able to confirm or deny this

Not only are you locked out of PVE your locked out of single player. Basically you really dont own the game. They can revoke your rights to even play local on your own machine. Just found this out and this is unacceptable. Completely unacceptable. A PVP lock out is understandable maybe even a PVE but not a solo on my own machine. That means you are renting the game you dont own it.

Really? Because of a terrible match making system, players should suffer through hours of matches, their time, because it is “rude” to quit?

private matches are pointless as they lack a chunk of progression and the grinds in this game are so excessively long that you don’t want any time spent without ALL aspects of progression

As I said play a different mode

Indeed, you do not own any game you have bought. Just the license to play it. (If you abide by the rules set by the Developers)

Well, they went the opposite way with this. I can just imagine the rage the four players who quit today due to lag issues had when to wait an hour to play again because I stayed in the match.

As someone who had dodged games for the exact reason the OP is presenting (only going into the PvP for the lore), I can’t say I’m that upset that I get locked out of everything. That part doesn’t really bother me.

What bothers me is the root cause of why this happens in the first place. Lore challenges shouldn’t be encouraging this kind of situation, but they do. No one should be surprised that this is the result when you force PvE players to do public PvP to get character progression. Rather than lessen leaver penalties, they should address some of the reasons that people are leaving in the first place.

You really touched on a good point. These developers have misidentified the problem a few times regarding the match making with this game. This causes these really ignorant, thoughtless, and stupid decisions to take place which only contribute more problems to this game.

There are gamers, and apparently some developers who think the problem is people quitting, when in fact that is a result of a problem. A larger company such as this needs to go get educated on proper problem solving techniques.

GBX have proven themselves capable of seeing through the surface complaints and finding the root cause of them, so hopefully they put some thought into what’s been spoken about in this thread. I understand them wanting to promote players to try both pve and pvp but when it causes an influx of one group solely looking to complete a specific objective then that’s going to be an issue in a team based game. I think they should come up with alternate unlocks like they did with the character unlocks. Give each lore unlock either a pvp or a pve based challenge.