Penalties for winning are absurd

When a team surrenders, why does the winning side only receive half EXP and credits?

I can understand the team which votes surrender receiving reduced rewards, but being penalized for winning is absurd, particularly since it is entirely out of your control.

There’s few things more infuriating than being a tick or two away from downing a second sentry, or 490+ minions in Meltdown, only for the other team to toss in the towel, reducing everyone’s takeaway from the match.

Surely the winning team should receive at least the standard reward fare, or perhaps even bonus, taking the half the losing team gives up when they surrender.

Levelling characters becomes even more of a grind when you can’t even complete a full match and receive the already meagre full allocation.

EDIT: Turns out I might be horribly wrong on this front. Deletion may be impending.


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I’ve been soo frustrated by that also!

Load of bollocks!

I would assume to make you question if you should slaughter the other team or not? Or maybe try to make it a bit more fair when there is an overwhelming handicap? Well that and technically the match isn’t exactly completed you got the win but you never achieved the objective or ran time out. (just random thoughts here)

I only guess those 2-3 things because typically people don’t surrender when they have some chance of winning. It happens far more often when there is no back and forth and people are constantly being kept at home base defending and getting killed loads. In a sense the game would run longer and give people more chances to kill and more exp overall at the end if it isnt one sided. (which prompts people to surrender) Don’t get me wrong sometimes people surrender for stupid reasons.

The 3rd reason makes the most sense as you didn’t do a full match technically, so ummm no full match completion stuffz for you. While in a sense I can see why forcing them to surrender should be a good enough reason to get full exp, part of me sees why people surrender. Its nice to be on the winning side but if its a downright slaughter it wasn’t a match to begin with. Since this penalty applies to both teams technically. Though the losing team technically loses less because they had less to begin with.

The game doesn’t distinguish between the various reasons for surrendering, only that it happens, be it 100-100 or 100-1.

I’m not the type to mercilessly destroy enemy teams or farm them when there’s a disparity. I frequently take it easy on lower level players and groups when there’s a clear handicap in play and I’m not alone in this. However none of this should be a factor in the reward system.

It doesn’t just happen in stomp games, often there’s 100-100 surrenders in incursion or 300-280 in meltdown when both teams are full strength. Equally it happens when an enemy sentry is being attacked and in single digit health. It simply doesn’t make sense to be penalised for a win condition you cannot control.

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As far as I can tell, you get an amount of character xp based on the amount of time you play with that character, approximately 100xp/hour. I know this is demonstrably the case in PvE regardless of win or loss. My (limited) experiences with PvP suggested that this was also the case, and seemed to match the expected xp gains. Did they change it at some point to have fixed rewards?

I play PvP almost exclusively.

Normal rewards are halved when a surrender occurs for both sides, regardless of who voted it up.

I’ve been on both sides of surrendering, but typically when I’m on a team that surrenders (I don’t do it personally. Spartan sense of standing tall even in defeat.) it’s because the other team far outbalances ours with their experience (team of 100s, typically. Thanks, guys.) sweeping the floor with the less experienced players on my team or hell with me (again, thanks guys. Way to make the community look good).
In a sense if the other team are being a bunch of jerks, in a sense, it’s gonna be a short game

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The game doesnt differentiate reasons, I am not pointing that out. Im saying that it happens usually because people feel that the fight is so one sided that there is no hope. Regardless of the score people will get half when they surrender. The game deciding what is considered a valid surrender was nonexistent in my mind as I made my post.

My point was that its possible that a reason it could be there as a penalty is to make players think a bit more if matches are one sided. (since the largest majority of the time thats when people surrender)

To possibly give the other team a break and let them have some fun in hopes that they feel good enough not to surrender/quit mid match forcing them to feel like surrendering. If people care enough for this it could work out for everyone, hence a outside of the box way of seeing a point for a penalty. (after all things don’t need to be straightforward and simple, especially when facing something that doesn’t make much sense)

After all if people could see that and give the losing team a break then the match would last longer.Bboth teams would get more points and there would be no penalty because the match could be completed. (this is fairy tale talk in a competitive game mode I know but meh outside the box way of looking at an issue)

Meh as I said before people do surrender for stupid things. Closer matches aren’t an exception for that. In any case no one played a full match so ya know your all screwed out of something.

Last I knew all rewards were strictly based on time spent in match, meaning you are losing nothing, given the ability to requeue that much faster.

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Yep that’s prob the reason why its low. Though I thought rewards are also based on kills as well. At least in pvp.

So just to test it I took Pendles into Outskirts, I did private versus, because I knew I could surrender easily, and I didn’t want to annoy other players (plus I am generally not that interested in PvP). Total match time was 9 minutes, and gave 15 character xp. Which is consistent with 100 xp/hour.


That’s all well and good, but doesn’t really pertain to OP.

It’s not about whether surrendering is justified or not, sometimes it clearly is, it’s about the reward system it impacts.

Ideologically your reasoning makes sense but I highly doubt that was the devs’ intention for a game geared as a competitive MOBA.

The community has turned out to be more casual perhaps than anticipated, but I doubt they implemented reduced rewards as a way of encouraging people to ‘play nice’.

Devs have openly stated in other threads they have no issue with people being good at the game and are not about curtailing them for balanced matches, so I doubt they would apply different reasoning in their coding for this.

For the record I’m a casual player myself, not some elitist or anything, just a guy who can’t understand why he gets shafted when he’s on the winning end of things.

Would you mind posting a picture of the match summary? And possibly of one where there was no surrender? I have been trying to figure out how character xp is calculated, and I would be interested to see what the xp/hour is for PvP and/or surrendering.

It’s entirely possible I’m wrong, but it seems that EXP and credits are MUCH lower than normal in surrenders even in games that are surrendered when nearing the time limit.

It’s possible I’m being blinded by too many early game surrenders, but I believe this is the case.

Perhaps I’ve jumped the gun here and will retract my post if so, but I’ll keep an eye on the gains/losses and see in future.

Not at my computer, but it’s easy enough to check your match history for both length and XP received.

Yup, at work RN will check later.

I’m probably salty over nothing lol.

I pretty much only play PvP for lore challenges so I didn’t even realize this was a thing… I’m also not really effected by it, but yea. That sounds like it sucks.

I’m not sure if this helps any but I know it takes me almost exactly 35 matches to get every character to level 12, win/lose/surrender. I know this because as soon as I get a character to level 12 I have stopped playing them and all of my level 12 characters have 35 matches played. I rarely play story missions.