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Deletion pending. Have a nice, and enjoy that exclusivity deal. I sure as hell will not.


You had me at, “This is not an easy build…” :blush:

I think you mean “If the second one is…”

Great build, Troubled. I think I may take it for a spin on OP 8.

Hey Troubled, what about the Ranger COM for this build? It can boost Grit to 10/5 and give you a lot more DPS than the Pointman.

Yeah I pretty much copy and pasted it from the old forums. I need to check some things such as spelling and what not.

This build was made before Tina’s DLC was released (I think) so that is why they are excluded. It has been a while since I posted this which is why I cannot remember.

If you wish to use a Ranger COM by all means, knock yourself out, but I would use the turret version if you do.

A Pointman COM gives you bonus health through either the basic bonus or through Healthy. In having that extra health you have a better chance of coming back from a DoT or low damage weapons. The small margin of healing also helps quite a bit to but is not something to write home about.

Now if you were to compare the Ranger to the Legendary Pointman COM than you really start to notice a difference. That 4% healing from Able, whether it be direct or indirect damage, can quickly get you back above health gate threshold or even give Grit a larger margin for error. If you have a healing relic such as the Breath of the Ancients or Blood of Terramorphous then Axton heals very quickly when Able kicks in.

Grit is amazing but you have to help it whenever you can so stacking on as much health as possible to counter DoTs and lower tier weaponry as well as being able to heal generous amounts helps it. Also with the Ranger COM you do not have the same damage output as the Legendary Pointman COM has with Last Ditched Effort and Pressure. So much so that I use a technique some Krieg players use: Allowing myself to be downed right in front of a Constructor. However instead of a Rapier in my hand I have a ROM to kill the Constructor.

However if you can survive and keep from going into FFYL than I can see the Ranger COM being useful. You will have a literal glass jaw even with +6 to Grit though.

I thought about a spec like this one, but this way I would lose Crisis Management bonus. But I still think that the bonus from Impact at 9/5, Ranger at 5/5 and Duty Calls make up for it. The same goes from losing five points of Last Dich Effort: you lose 40% gun damage when in FFYL but gain from the others sources.
Even if you lose the capacity of slaging with your Turret, Do or Die kind of make up for it as you can slag even in FFYL, what helps the agressive gameplay. You still have the defensive skills, but you give up their boost to get more offensive power.
What do you think?

If you want damage, might I recommend the Legendary Engineer COM so you can get a huge boost through Battlefront? It is probably the best COM for the Leatherneck build if you want damage and survival and do not want to use the Legendary Pointman. I came up with this real quick for ya.

I’ll go over why I removed some skills from the tree you provided with mine.

Phalanx Shield is not super useful. The damage absorption scales poorly and the only real advantage is that you can block a Goliath’s leap attack if you are hiding in the shield. Generally though you do not want to be near your turret(s) on the off chance a rocket launcher totting enemy shows up. If you use the turret technique with Gemini anyways you can still tank with your turrets so long as the first one you deploy is still alive.

Forbearance I maxed out because of the slight health boost and the fact that DoTs are your worst enemy. While Grit can make DoTs a joke if it does not kick in you are in a world of trouble. Plus with an exposed health bar fire damage is the bane of your existence.

Resourceful is maxed out for the extra cooldown because reasons.

I removed all the points from Duty Calls because the points could be used else where and if you use the Legendary Engineer COM you make up for it with Battlefront.

Ranger is not really worth it for a single point, let alone five. Once you get up to 9-10 though the skill starts to shine.


I see your point, thanks for the reply!
The thing with the Ranger COM is that I do use it over the Legendary Soldier in my splash weaponry build so I thought it would be nice with anothers setup, like yours.
But, if the Legendary Engineer is the COM of choice, a regular 26/15/26 build would be the ideal because it is all about the Turrets helping you. I think that the Ranger COM allows you to play more independently from your Turrets, using them to open space for you get in and wreck things up while leting you get some punishment because of 10/5 Grit and skills like Able, Last Ditch Effort and the max health skills.

About the Ranger Skill, I like the boosts it provides for just one point. Not alone, but when put togheter with all the others additive buffs that Axton has plus the COM bonus. But I know what you are talking about, I get it!

About Phalanx, it is kinda of a habit of puting one point there because I usually do use shields with capacity. I totally agree giving up the point to max Forbearance in this situation.

Also, sorry if you cant understand my write up. English isnt my native language.

Your English is fine. I didn’t know it was not your native language until you told me.

I may edit my posts, correct my spelling, and try to spell properly but I do not look down on others if their spelling and punctuation is not correct. I do a lot of fanfiction writing so I try to improve myself whenever I can–self taught actually, my high school really did not help me and no college education to speak of.

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I kind of hate to point this out but you still have 2 skill points to use- and while I love a maxed Battlefront I don’t know that I would give up either Willing or Pressure- is it worth it?

I just did that for I_gabrielzcruz to show a different point layout.

This build uses the Rough Rider so any shield buffing exclusive abilities are worthless. So that removes Willing from the list. Pressure comes in handy when you’re in FFYL, especially with Jakobs weaponry.

Gothcha… :thumbsup:

Video added.


I see the Twister, ROM and Buffalo(?) so needless to say, all Jakobs weaponry?

Love it!!

Was thinking of adding maybe Greed for Pistol with Flesh enemies and Slag O-Negs for transfusions
And this Hybrid:

Love the idea of Able negating Orphan Maker self damage.

In this Hybrid…I still get a 6/5 Grit and get additional gun damage from Battlefront and Duty Calls…and I don’t think I give up a lot but you are the expert on NE stuff.

When I get motivated I’ll do another run with the build and upload a video showcasing more of it, specifically the fight in Overlook.

As for your build it looks fine to me. I am not a huge fan of incomplete skills but there are times where having more skills is better than a smaller number of maxed out skills. You may find Scorched Earth will give you trouble with scoring critical hits though but if you only use the Sabre turret for damage spikes when needed it won’t be a problem for wiping out trash. I will say that Metal Storm is kind of a waste since if you are not using an Allegiance Relic the extra fire rate will just mean you have to get a lot closer to the target and I doubt it really helps with slower weaponry. I could be wrong since I don’t particularly care for the skill.

The ROM is brutal with any of the three variations of the Leatherneck build. Both Last Ditch Effort and Pressure make it very easy to rapidly fire a ROM and obliterate most, if not all, enemies near you. I have gotten second winds off of UBA loaders and Constructors with the shotgun. Both skills also help with other firearms such as the Buffalo making the weapon even more efficient in close quarters combat when necessary.

As for the tools you mentioned I am not a huge fan of the Greed and with this build I don’t really have that much trouble with damage if I am slagging everything. On the flip side if you cannot get a Twister or simply do not like Jakobs cannons the Greed can potentially be a decent counter for shield totting nomads; I can see fights with UBA nomads getting hairy.

As for the Slag-O I do not really have an opinion on it. I never had an interest in using one, especially after I got my hands on 2x and especially 4x magic missiles. If you watch the video I chuck A LOT of grenades around to maximize the pain so the grenade regeneration helps keep the coals burning white hot on the Pain Train.

Yeah that is kinda the whole point of the build is to use Jakobs firearms exclusively alongside the Rough Rider.

Do you mind if I ask when you became dedicated to only Jakobs gear and what about it makes you view it as the only manufacturer for you?

Some time between the release of the first UVHM pack and the second. As for why, well, it was during a time when everyone on the forums more or less looked down on the company as a whole. I had taken the path less traveled and more or less preached Jakobs with people liking the company now.

I don’t always use just Jakobs. I might have the Grog Nozzle or something else depending on the character but for the vast majority of characters I only use Jakobs. As for why the company is just for me, well, I really cannot form a proper answer for that as it covers quite a few reason. Long story short though: I like the company.


[quote=“Troubled, post:18, topic:384918”]…during a time when everyone on the forums more or less looked down on the company as a whole. I had taken the path less traveled…[/quote]I hear you - this calls to me as well. I started a similar journey with assault rifles, e-tech pistols, Bandit gear, whatever was on the forum’s poop list. Eventually I started trolling Youtube videos and forum posts for “worst in game” or “this gear sucks”.

I vaguely remember the vitriol against Jakobs in UVHM, I think because the difficulty surge in terms of enemy health values and damage scaling meant that people started leaning on the elemental damage enhancement to take the edge off. Where Jakobs weapons could easily one-shot enemies in prior playthroughs, now you had to earn them (plus we were all reeling from our first forays into UVHM and were scrambling to either sink or swim). A classic topic was, “sniping isn’t viable anymore”, but all I heard was, “use more Jakobs”. :thumbsup:


Quoted for awesomeness. I have greatly enjoyed seeing you (and a few others) showing that the only real limit in this game is a player’s imagination. Those assassin assignments you came up with being a particular case in point - the resulting videos are pretty impressive, and much kudos to all who participated.