Pending deletion part 1

(Private Instigator) #21

I was a whiner for UVHM before growing up and just shrugging it off. The gun that actually got the ball rolling for my fanatic tendencies for Jakobs was a level 61 Doc’s Striker.

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(Cast Iron Chef) #22

I didn’t whine about it, I just found out how to be a better player.

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(Private Instigator) #23

I would like to think I am a better player but I am not sure :smile:

(Cast Iron Chef) #24

If you can survive OP 8 with non-adulterated gear, then you’re a great player. :wink:

And by unadulterated gear I mean hacked gear like black weapons and such.

(So long, and thanks for all the fish!) #25

We need a T-Shirt that says, “I Survived UVHM”.

Preferably with a Jakob’s logo…

(Private Instigator) #26

Then another one says “I climbed Digistruct Peak.” on the front with “IT SUCKED.” on the back.

(Carlton Slayer) #27

This would, of course, lead to some of the long time players saying “Heck, in my day I climbed it backwards, blindfolded and with one arm tied behind my back- you whippersnappers today don’t know what it was like back in the old days- and get off my lawn!” :laughing:

(Cast Iron Chef) #28

I finished Digistruct Peak and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.

(Johnrr6) #29

I whined…LOL

But I still tried hard to be a better player.

At first…OP8 seemed almost insurmountable.

Now…it pretty much feels routine.

You have to stay on your toes…but it’s certainly doable.

Experience and persistence counts…

(And a bag chock full of GREAT equipment doesn’t hurt either…LOL)

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(Johnrr6) #30


Yepper, you are the expert on NE…I’m just throwing things out there that came to mind when looking at the build.

Magic Missiles are my Go To…almost always…

But when I need a Transfusion Grenade…say on an enemy like Dukino’s Mom…nothing beats a Slag O-Neg

Slagging AND Healing!

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(Private Instigator) #31

I wouldn’t say I am an expert, just someone who uses them frequently enough that I actually sound intelligent when I am headbutting the keyboard.

Dukino’s mom is one enemy I have not thrown this build against and am not really looking forward too it. A bit of a pain in the rear but is worth the effort to get the Buffalo when chasing the quest chain she is attached to. Since I already have cannibalized one off of one of my other characters I have not bothered going after her. Gives me a reason to try and make a video though of me headbutting the proverbial wall.

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #32

Her health type is armor, no? :wink:

Seriously though, I think something that can crit would be better suited to combat with her, although it takes longer to line those shots up than just pegging her with body shots from the safety of cover.

With Zer0 and his different capabilities (Death Mark and Rising Sh0t mostly), it took about half of my assault rifle ammo to drop her with the Stinkpot. With Axton (slightly different build than yours), it took about the same. I think Axton was hitting harder with it (using an Impact Rifleman COM and lighting up Impact and Battlefront), but the occasional corrosive kunai from Zer0 I think hit harder than the turret did. Maybe a couple magazines’ difference? Anyway, this was the instance of her at Lynchwood (at OP3), where she’s largely distracted by the other enemies in the cave, and you can fire at her at your leisure. At OP8 in Digistruct Peak (for example), I might lean on the Bekah and Twister (since other than your turret, she will be crawling all over you). I don’t doubt that your build could take her down; you just need to pull a Rocky Balboa and survive the fight.

(Trajforce) #33

I know that this build is focused only on Jakobs weaponry, but in my opinion 12 Pounder would be very good on this build

(Private Instigator) #34

If the 12 pounder were Jakobs then yeah, I would consider using it. Since it is not though I am not going to use it.

Yeah but that is not really the issue with her. The lack of any dependable cover is. Unlike Saturn who I have absolutely no issues with outside of almost wanting to take a nap while fighting him the fight with Dukino’s mom in the cave is a pain due to the cover being destroyed by her.

At regular 72 I can probably kill her with just the ROM so long as I keep my distance.

(Private Instigator) #35

Update: With the introduction of the Unofficial Community Patch 2.0 the Leatherneck build can handle Overpower 8. It requires the removal of the files that change the Legendary Pointman into the Legendary Grenadier though.

Thank you @shadowevil1996 for making this a possibility.

(shadowevil) #36

What did I do that allowed for that?

(Private Instigator) #37

Quite a few things; giving Axton damage reduction has really helped along with the changes brought to the other skills. The upgrades that Jakobs weaponry has received had eliminated the build’s major issue with the Overpower levels with damage while the changes to some of the health relics such as Blood of the Seraphs and Blood of Terramorphous have made it easier to regenerate damage taken. The upgrades to Axton’s Sabre turret has made it more useful for the build as well. Probably many more tweaks that I have forgotten about or am not aware of that made it possible.

I have a video in the process of being uploaded to youtube that is a run through Bloodshot Stronghold with the patch active and even though it is OP8 I feel that it was the easiest run I have ever had going through that area with the build.

I thought about asking you if you would be interested in juicing up the Rough Rider’s damage reduction but I am not even sure it would need it right now with all the changes. Doing so however would make it more appealing to others.

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(Cast Iron Chef) #38

Nah. The RR has enough DR as it is. :dukejk:

Stuff it @system; I can reply as many times I want to.

(RavingRants are back) #39

the Rough Rider has a special damage reduction which is multiplicative

meaning it literally reduces the damage by 20%

so I dont think it really needs more DR

(Private Instigator) #40

It doesn’t really, maybe an hp boost, but again that is not really necessary. The build can take and give quite a bit of punishment when I slap a Blood of Terra on it regenerates health absurdly fast. I used such a setup against the Leviathan to shrug off all the poking the worms do.

I wouldn’t mind the Pointman COMs getting looked at later down the road.