Pending deletion part 6

Have a wonderful day, and good riddance.

…You may want to update the first line…


Yeah I forgot about that little tidbit.

Build has now been updated for level 70.

If you’re sniping you probably could afford the points in FtF (I would take it out of Fist and 4/5 Divert but it’s no big deal), but seriously get overcharge, even if you use jakobs weapons its an amazing skill for the MS Reload Speed and Ammo Regen, one point that you can afford to spend and it wont let you down (I would personally take all the heatsinks points out and redistribute them into his one point wonders, cuz you’re not purposefully cancelling W/S ever, and the stats aren’t worth it)

The reason I didn’t pick First to Fight is because the buff, while good, can become inert if you keep taking damage here and there. Between the two I chose Targeting Scope which can be used regardless of how hairy the situation is and also because it is buffed by Celestial Enforcer.

As for Overcharge in theory it does not sound appealing to me outside of groups but I will give it a try once I get motivated to do so.