Pending deletion part 7

Epic Store exclusive? I’ll see myself out.


If Jakobs were an actual company, you’d be it’s CFO.

Top marks. Top notch. As usual.

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I’d also like to say that what I love about this idea is it adds Weaknesses as well as Strengths. It genuinely feels like a plausible character.

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I tried to get the actual feel of Jakobs into a character. A trend I have noticed in Borderlands 2 and TPS is that the characters that shine with an all Jakobs load out can take and give a beating. Also I have not seen a character that is both capable of tanking (sort of) and being sharpshooter oriented; in which case I wanted to make it feel like the Rough Rider shield is built in.

The only thing Jakobs ever needs is more damage and accuracy and that is what I wanted to accomplish with Grimm. Outside of the Twister elemental buffs to Jakobs are nothing to write home about, so I avoided any sort of elemental boost and just went with buffing Jakobs through the roof. As such I had to add some weaknesses to compensate such as mobility and making the character extremely weak when not using Jakobs.

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What I like about mobility is it kind of gives the “stand off” feel. Two opponents locking eyes from two different corners of a sun swept town.

I LOVE that feel.

I think I’ve told you of my love of Terrence Hill films.

I myself have wondered about a “non-elemental” DOT, and thought something along the lines of “bleeding” would be interesting.

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It is possible since Athena has such a skill in her arsenal. A long range bleed attack would be quite cool in a sniper’s skill.

For when Dead Iron is activate I would love to have the Fighting Off The Skags track from Borderlands 1 playing for nostalgia.

As for mobility, I really did not look at it that but that is a bonus. With how much Dead Iron does there needed to be some way of making it not ridiculous. Being able to move around and have that much firepower at your disposal, while awesome, can be ridiculous when added with other damage increases. We don’t need another Salvador.

Another reason for Dead Iron being the way I have it built is that I despise Nisha’s Showdown action skill. I have never hated an action skill as much as I have Nisha’s and being that she is rather Jakobs oriented irks me greatly. I will not deny how potent it is but at the same time I find it uninteresting in how it takes the one thing of the game that I enjoy, careful aim and marksmanship, and throws it out of the window. Dead Iron is my answer to Nisha’s “Shooting Gallery” action skill.

Dead Iron is also the polar opposite of just about everything that is Borderlands; spray and pray combat. Other than Unfair Advantage and even Last Stand (through FFYL crawling) it offers no mobility and Grimm’s mobility goes down the tube in exchange for power. Unless he is specced into Willpower and Hooligan, then he can run into the fray with everyone else.

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I’d say that the only reason they’d avoid it is to avoid another character with the “Cowboy”, feel. On the other hand, it is a completely different direction than Nisha. Money says they’ll be another “soldier” in the near future.

Oh I don’t expect Gearbox to even consider this. I just wrote it because it was nagging me at work one day and I had a brainstorming session. I have a better chance of being struck by lightning and becoming Thor than being asked by Gearbox to do voice work and help making Grimm a reality.