Pendles being a cheap char that needs some type of cool down

Pendles I generally get the point of his character but he is being used to run around free on bases and attack weak players with little health and then immediately cloak and run away. It’s just so cheap it’s getting really annoying. I think he should have a bit of a cooldown before he can cloak again even if it’s quicker than say an Oscar Mike. Personally when I use Reyna and I priority target Pendles he claims and my plasma blast can’t track him…I think plasma should track him even when cloaked if I catch him with Priority Target when visible

He’s meant to be cheap. He has little presence in a team fight considering he can only fight one person and if that one person gets help, Pendles has to double down or wait for another chance. As for the plasma blast tracking him, I have mixed feelings.

True…I can deal with him killing a weakened player…he’s an Assassin! It’s when he dies it in the middle of the base in front of the Sentry (Sentry damn near never does a thing about it) and then cloaks and runs off into the sunset. That cheap ass kill should come at the high risk of his life as far as I’m concerned

That is true lol. A friend of mine plays Pendles a lot and whenever we push sentry he can always just walk up to it and smack it until the push is over or am Enemy finally pushed him off. Sentry targeting is wonky to me. It’s a running joke in my circle that as long as I peep my head to look at enemy sentry, the rest of the team can just slap it silly :confused:

Pendles is an assassin so taking out low health players is something that comes with the job. What assassin do you know that fights fair? I dont think he needs a cooldown cause if you can catch him uncloaked he moves like molasses even with speed mods. Pendles may be annoying to play against but you have to be dedicated to play with him, cause he’s super squishy if he cant go invis so he hardly ever gets to take part in fights he just in the background looking for an easy kill like the snake he is.