Pendles breaks Story Bosses

So playing through the algorithm on single player with Pendles and I noticed something odd about my fight against the bosses. During my fight with Geoff, he completely ignored me in his third phase if I stealthed and attacked him from behind. During my fight against the galactic emperor, stealthing and unstealthing would cause him to stand in place and just keep slamming the ground, and the same thing happened with ISIC. I don’t think the AI knows how to handle Pendles stealth.

It’s obviously a feature not a bug. :wink:


Omg pendles is a god on algorithm. It was ridiculous. I got gold playing it solo. Every boss pretty much ignored me when playing his skills right.


Well, they did say that the Pendles experience in PvE was… interesting.


It’s very odd skipping entire areas. I also just tried a match where I just killed buildables. Killed about 50 before they stopped building.

Just had a blast on Helio, first part was a breeze, Pendles can escape and come back with a fist full of rage.

On the last part of Helio I took out all the bosses with cloaked tosses.

Rendain was the only one that had player detection, if I got close enough he still knocked me off the map.

They all died where they stood :smile:

Pendles breaks story everything. I was able to one hit brutes and evolved. Major enemies died in less than three seconds.