Pendles clearly built for PVP

Another example of the bias towards PVP.


He’s one character, where are your other examples? As for bias, he’s an assassin, of course he’s geared towards PvP, you don’t need to see his kit to know that much. But we knew this back when Alani was released.

Yeah, 1 out of 27, damn you and your bias GBX.

Please wait until you test him before you just label him a pvp only character. I know I’ll be trying some solo advanced hardcore when he drops and testing all of his helixs after a few pvp matches.


Well, yes, as far as I know they stated that their focus laid on PvP-playability during Pendles developement. I bet they focused on PvP during the developement of many characters. Its one half of the game, 50%, so why is it bias?

On another note: Have you played him in PvE yet? Has anyone played him yet? (Don´t think he´s online already, so its a bit early to forsake him…)
And even if you suck the first 2 mission - what would be proofed by that?

I main PvE and I´ll focus to main Pendles. So basically: I accept the challenge and try to wreck PvE snek-style, no matter the obstacles :heart:


Look around you, everyone who posted in this thread is (hopefully) breathing right now. Does this mean, these forums are biased towards Oxygen? :stuck_out_tongue:

No, but seriously, @Slif_One is quite correct. You didn’t need to wait for Pendles skills to be revealed, to say he would have at least:

  • Good single-target burst damage
  • Stealth (as him being a stealth character was mentioned by the devs some time ago)
  • An ‘Escape’ Skill (Turned out to be his Smoke Bomb, but was foreseeable given Abilities like Deande’s Holotwin)

As for this alleged ‘bias’, many people still think Deande sucks in PvE (she’s actually pretty strong there too, if you know how to play her properly - with so many individual Enemies compared to PvP).

And actually, I think I like it this way. Fragile and/or stealthy characters must be a PITA to learn in PvE, because challenge is the only thing that forces you to learn and adapt.

Now, that’s what I’m talking about! :dukeaffirmative:

The new maps were all PVP; the majority of the patches have been to support
PVP; would appreciate a clearer picture of the future of this game. If
everything going forward is going to be geared toward PVP, it would be nice
to know now.

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UMM this is 2016 lol… Im pretty sure all characters are going to be made primarily for PvP as this is a MOBA that just so happen to have a story mode option in it lol.

Everything they do will be in benefit towards PvP… PvE is secondary. This game wasn’t meant for PvE focus
That’s why you see gear changes and character changes.


Didn’t say only, but looking at his skills and helix, don’t see much that
would be useful in PVE. Guess we’ll find out later today.

Its complicated with BB since its a medal with 2 sides.

What GBX told us so far is that the upcoming SeasonPass DLC content is focused on PVE, and as I understood these “operations” will be highly challenging singleplayer-missions with changing objectives.
They won´t be new “missions” but a new mode ,more geared towards PvE-gamers.

First will evolve arround Attius and the Thrall rebellion on Tempest.

As PVE-main I´m very excited and hope my SP will work until then >.<

He’s totally geared for both, his helix has a extra DoT with increased duration of his Smoke Bomb DoT and Flurry of Blows to passively increase his attack speed and Sweet Spot/Backstab for increased dmg from behind, I can see him tearing NPC’s and bosses a new one along with enemy BB in PvP.

I’m just gonna be totally honest here: EVERYONE on the internet knows, PvP playerbases are difficult to please, while at the same time get bored easily and have - let’s say a tendency towards aggression (that sometimes even contributes to their skills).

So, I’m ok with the fact we got new PvP Maps before the first Story DLC. While I - in no way - want to diminish the work GBX did on those maps, it’s still just a fraction of the work needed to be done to produce a story DLC.

Since the release, especially in the last few weeks, we have constant updates on what is coming next, what the devs would eventually like to do, etc.

I understand your desire for a full release date schedule for every bit of content, I even sympathize but it remains a practical impossibility, given the structure of the creative process behind it.
Nobody at Gearbox is qualified to give you a release date on content that’s still being worked on. :wink:
Once they consider it done, they may set and announce a date.

I can’t really help you with that. Other than encouraging you to play some private Bot matches. I’m not a big PvP gamer myself, but I find I enjoy both Incursion and Meltdown.

To be honest, I wouldn’t go as far as @lmoore0621 put it, but PvP is a major part of this game. For some, it’s the main reason to play. There is even a number pf people who feel exactly opposed to you: With most Legendary Gear pieces dropping from Story Bosses, those PvP players feel a strong bias towards PvE. (Some lore challenges add to this as well, most of these are arguably easier to achieve in PvE)


Trust me, I know that but im speaking gearbox perspective as well as genre. Yes people play only PvE, that all cool, but PvE players will ALWAYS get the back seat unless they completely separate the two and I doubt they would do that. If there is an OP character or gear in PvP. They WILL change that character/gear without a second thought as that’s the main functionality of the game.

Now if those same characters/gear are bad in PvE but good in PvP… Trust they wont change a thing about that.

We knew they were coming long ago, this isn’t some new bias, it’s what we were told will happen and they’ve delivered. We were also told that there would be five new story missions before release and one has been partially revealed.

Naturally, if there’s a character imbalance in PvP it needs to be addressed. The majority of complaint posts on these forums have been about OP or UP characters in PvP, these imbalances don’t impact PvE nearly as much. One of the first hotfixes increased the health of defense points in PvE, and the recent event which was extended was PvE-oriented. As for the recent patches to legendary gear, they equally impact PvE and PvP, some are actually beneficial to PvE players while “nerfed” in PvP.

Guess I’m still stuck on the game being advertised as “many ways to play” rather than a more accurate “a combination of many ways to play.”


…Nearly 700 hours Advanced Story on Steam and I feel that.

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My whole point was that it doesn’t need to be like that. I have always considered PvE and PvP modes two sides of the same thing.
Although I mainly play PvE from a statistically objective point of view, I personally enjoy PvP in this game so much, I consider myself playing both modes. :smile:

Also, if the upcoming story DLC includes new Legendaries (which could require multiple playthroughs to get - and with increasing difference, from what I’ve heard so far), this whole situation might feel a bit more balanced.

I feel like a lot of characters, like Kleese and Ambra and others, were made more for PVE. This one was just one made for PVP.

the PVE portion of the game is an afterthought,

It’s why you get maybe 6 - 8 hours of PVE gameplay max,

The meat and potatoes of the game is the PVP combat… The Story missions are there to give the characters some backstory, add in typical Gearbox humor and provide ways to get decent loot without having to worry about the RNG gods by buying packs…

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Deande sucks in PvE? My fastest clear times are with Deande… Her life steal owns up PVE and Pendles has the same thing.

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