Pendles Crash when Character Model is loaded

I’ve been playing Battleborn for around 6 hours now and my friend decided to buy Pendles because he has a stealth mechanic. When I took a look at his abilities through Command, the game decided to crash. I shrugged it off and decided to start a story mission, so my friend chose Pendles and I crashed again. I repeated the story mission with him as Pendles and every time he was chosen, my game crashes. I haven’t had any crashing problems with Battleborn until this, but this is really starting to get on my nerve.

Things I’ve Tried to Fix The Problem:
Ask my friend to choose the golden skin (DIDN’T WORK)
Reinstall the game files (DIDN’T WORK)

P.S.: When I just hover over his character portrait with the list of Battleborn in Command, my game is totally fine.

Wow this is a rather large problem. I wouldn’t have any idea but I hope someone does soon

Are you playing with a disc and not a digital copy? It could be a scratch

This happened to me. Just summit a support ticket and they’ll guide you on how to fix it. I ended up needing to uninstall my graphics card, but they aren’t the best at giving directions and couldn’t tell me how to simply reinstall the same version afterwards. So I had to go to Microsoft’s web page and download their latest free version… annnd it was a downgrade. :worried:

And I thought the game ran poorly before when I was already on a sub par card…

I’m playing on Steam

Ah. I’m officially out of helpful tips.

Oh wait! Have you tried turning all the graphics values to minimum? Particle effects and all that jazz. That’s what I do for most of my PC games.

I tried that and it still doesn’t work :confused: but thank you for your suggestions!