Pendles, even if you're dead he'll still kill ya

Gotta say, in the few brief hours I’ve been playing our new lovable sociopath he has grown on me. His dialogue isn’t always the best, but he’s got a few gems such as his response to Wolf (which I won’t spoil here).
His attack power seems to be fairly well balanced. His ranged attacks are weak and slow, but improving it to where he tosses out three stars at a time sends it’s damage skyward. His stealth is his greatest asset and allows him to hunt on the field and kill escaping enemies with ease. His health is fairly low, but that just makes his “hit and run” tactics all the more enjoyable. The only thing that bugs me is how his movement speed slows drastically once he’s out of stealth, but that problem is easily remedied with his smoke bomb.

All in all, thank you GBX for your hard work. There are still issues with this game, but it is clear you’re really trying and that you’re putting your hearts into it given the ample evidence with our fork-tongued, cockney friend.

EDIT: You can even hear his sneakers while he runs around! Adorable.


In case anyone was wondering, Pendles makes a mention that being dead hasn’t stopped him from killing you while talking to Wolf in The Void’s Edge.

Awww… spoilers :confused:


They were gonna ask anyway!

But they could play it and it’d take 15 minutes :’( …meh, all good

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Into the Void’s Edge is the first thing I do with the new characters. :grinning: Most common place to have dialogue for sure.

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I’ve unlocked 3/5 of Pendles’ lore challenges and noticed something pretty grim.

In one lore, Benedict tells Ghalt that he’s the one who accidentally set Pendles on the career path of assassination when he got drunk one night and complained about his old sergeant, saying he’d buy the guy who offed him a drink. An impressionable, fresh from leaving Akopos for the first time Pendles happened to overhear him and came back later that night with the sergeant’s head. Benedict told him to get rid of it before the MPs found out about it and not do anything to lead them back to him if they did. This incident is also how Pendles lost his eye.

A different lore challenge details his two kamas. One is a repurposed ice pick. The bird skull belonged to an avian alien of the same species as Benedict’s sergeant. Not directly stated to be the same victim, but…

On a lighter note, apparently Roa (Pendles’ species) are supposed to have tentacle arms on both sides. So at some point Pendles must have lost one or had one replaced with a more standardized cybernetic limb.

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That explains his extra skin.