Pendles feels underpowered

I have not had too much time i between work to play him but from what I can tell he feels very underpowered.

The first game I played as him he felt quite strong but I felt like a noob with him as I managed 18 kills and 15 deaths. In comparison the most recent character I mastered is Phoebe who is still not quite rank 15 but I can do that many kills with like 2 deaths.

However since I have played as Pendles for around 5-10 games it seems like I have a huge beacon above my head when stealthed everywhere I go. Every single character in the game has been almost 100% accurate hitting me when stealthed and it just seems impossible to move anywhere that I can not be seen.

I think that now there is a dedicated stealth character in the game that the stealth mechanic should be overhauled as it’s just too easy to be spotted. Would it be possible to have the same stealth mechanic that World of Warcraft has where you are completely invisible (as Pendles) and every single character in the game has a passive stealth detection when an enemy is within 5 metres or so.

That way I could at least walk alongside the other side of a open area or room without being shot at constantly. I don’t want this to sound like im such a noob but I know for a fact I can improve my efficiency with him but it’s more that the stealth mechanic is underpowered for a character like Pendles.

how many stealth characters have you mastered in this game?

He’s a glass cannon. He’s going to die a lot.

His injection and melee aren’t underpowered but his poisons definitely are, for sure. They feel like Shaynes Aura of Annoyance. Totally worthless.

Small disclaimer: Haven’t played Pendles myself, only played on Splitscreen with @Ganjamira.

The thing about stealth mechanics in the game is, that they work perfectly with the AI.
But human players are still able to notice you, even if you’re cloaked.
It’s basically the same with OM’s cloak and Deande’s Holotwin.

I think the basic difference between those characters and Pendles is the expected level of sneakiness.
If you’re playing Pendles, you can assume that at least one character on the enemy team will spec into reveal mechanics (if available, see Ambra). Some builds even spec into those by default (e.g. WF’s Swiss Cheese Helix).

Overall, to get the most out of stealth mechanics (IMHO), you need a diversion. That’s were your visible teammates come in.
(Strategic side note: Pendles can construct buildables while cloaked :wink:)

He plays a lot better on Monuments then he does on Overgrowth. His options on Overgrowth are extremely limited due to the size of the map and it usually leads to one person chasing you around because they can see you in stealth.

My first private matches were a desaster (even against bots -.-) but after round 3 I got the hanging of how to stealth and escape.
It was a hard lesson, since I mastered Phoebe last and they are massively different in playstyle and aggro-management.

Many players exercise to spot cloaked characters. I guess when the rival team sees you play Pendles they´ll be alot more cautious and eager to find you. Even bots can see you sometimes, at least Rath & Alani bots spotted me significantly often…

Pendles can do ALOT while cloaked…move over OM you are no longer the king of rez!! Pendles can Rez your entire group and never break stealth! I love it. Stealth in the game works just fine…I recommend not standing still ever in this game though.

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Oh no he’s an amazing snek. He’s the best snek around. Pendles can destroy an enemy by attacking them in the back and get away in a flash. He’s the perfect stealth assassin and he has some amazing potential built correctly

Movement speed/sprint gear is basically a must I feel like.
Tips for stealth:
○ never run in straight lines and jump alot so the enemy will loose you even when invisible.
○ destroy enemy turrets and accelerators while enemy team is not paying attention.(check mini map ALOT while doing this)
○ utilize cover and corners he goes invisible when you out of the enemy’s line of fire. Make use of it.
○ any slow down cc and they WILL see you while cloaked. (Basic for all cloak battleborn)
That jump height boost in helix helps with sprint gear <3 you are basically a jump, hop, and a skip away from anything.
As for damage and skills he is fine (i like to use a attack speed gear) But ninja stars are deff lacking. He has a lot of skill cool down choices in his helix.

Killing/fighting tips:
●Utilize damage from behind and choose ur targets wisely
● never attack from front unless you have mad back up from team
● never fight a group alone
● pick off alone battleborn
● dont corner urself
● finish off battleborn with low health and ones that are trying to respawn.
● ALWAYS have a smoke bomb for those “I fked up” moments and you need to get away
● low health battleborn are easy targets but be aware of enemies close by them because the tables could turn at any moment
● he is a ninja assassin think like a ninja assassin (plan a route of escape, then plan 2 more.)
Remember his is pretty squishy so don’t stay uncloaked for to long. He is an easy target uncloaked. His shield recharge delay is pretty fast so you can cloak run a little and he will be fine to pounce on the next victim. Don’t be afraid to respawn if you feel like you are about to die.
Play the way you want tho.
Hope this helped. Have fun (^.^)/)


Lemme offer a tip where Pendles can do any Advanced map taking no damage:

  1. On Helix 2 get the Smoke Bomb to toss.

  2. Stay cloaked, always, long as you can.

  3. Get in a position where you are going to deal the most damage.

  4. Use your Strike and whittle down your target until your shield is in danger.

  5. Toss your Smoke Bomb, fast, and escape.

  6. Rinse and Repeat until everything is dead.

Honestly I have not played as a single stealth character yet until Pendles. He plays very similar to my undead rogue back in my WoW days and believe me I learnt how to shut down every class of character and bumrape them til they cried to mommy. Pendles does play almost exactly the same but with far less utility ofc compared to WoW but the stealth is just far less superior.

Also remember you can drop smoke bomb while cloaked and it will recloak you so you can run up to drop poison in people to only break cloak for a moment.

The trick is to target buildables, sabotage sentry shields with poison, finish off low health enemies, jumpscare snipers, and generally create paranoia for the enemy team because they have to stay on their toes when they get below half health, or at distracted, and have to watch out for oendles in their base

After Algorithm, I went into a private match and decided to just kill buildables. I managed 86 by the end. The rest of my team could push easily because the minions weren’t accelerated. Several times I killed bits from spawn! Also, I’ve noticed this thing where an Oscar Mike would run back to the enemy base with low health. Have you seen this too?

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Half the time bots seem to just run all the way back to base at low health rather than teleport. Not sure why, it’s almost always slower. But you know, bots :confused:

I’ve seen that. But in these several cases, he ran back to the wrong base, and tried to jump inside. As Pendles, I could see my ally try to run past the second sentry, while the first still had full shields.

Pendles is god. He’s just a very different style than pheobe. I fail horribly as pheobe. I’ve been dominating as pendles. :slight_smile: get in, boom beat down, run, cause as much chaos as possible.

Oh weird. Thought you meant you saw thier OM running back to base, sounds like your OM bot was pretty confused. Probably that big helmet, I would probably get lost too if I wore something like that.

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Frankly, I think the cloak could use some visual tweaking to make it less visable. Right now, it only makes you a little harder to hit, but it’s still easy to see the amorphous blob of air moving around.

No point to a stealth if it doesn’t do it’s job.


Not sure if this has been mentioned but one major issue I had happen in 2 or 3 matches is that once I was effect by a cc (slow, specifically) the animation for the cc effect continues to swirl around me for the ENTIRE match. So I was “cloaked” but when you see the swirly slow lines around me, being in stealth doesn’t mean jack. I’m thinking this might be why it feels like people are hitting you so easily sometimes. Hoping for a fix to this issue soon!


Sometimes it stays on you, other times it just stays where it wore off. I’ve seen random slows where Thralls used to be and shot them only to realize there’s nothing there.