Pendles Helix, skills, and abilities revealed!

I just realized how terrifying he’llbe on outskirts

The devs did say in the stream that he would be good in that stage with all of the winding passages.

I wonder if having buildables / minions around take you out of stealth with the “line of sight” or is it only enemy Battleborn? If so then he will be the greatest shard stealer known to mankind

I both hope for and fear that, he’d be the perfect shard thief on monuments if that’s the case

I’m looking forward to it. :smile:

It may be premature since we don’t know cooldowns, health pool, damage/attack speed, but my initial impressions are leading me towards working on a build something along these lines first (obviously pending mutation unlocks):

  1. Could go either way but I’m leaning towards Cobra Strike if the lunge is sufficient.

  2. Flash Bomb. Blinds are too good for utility in general, and Pendles will be able to use them to great effect.

  3. I really like the idea of Pendles being a directional attacker, so I want to give Backstab a good try. Personally given his Flurry of Blows mutation I feel like this damage buff is weak at the moment, but I will try Backstab all the same. It all depends on how long Pendles can afford to engage before needing to disappear again.

  4. This is the toughest one, but I think I will start by trying Potent Venom. A 3 second slow is rare enough, and if it’s a super slow it’s even better. Coupled with Backstab Pendles will have a large window to capitalize on.

  5. Leaning towards Cloak and Cover as so far this build has taken no steps to alleviate damage to Pendles presumably fragile health pool.

  6. Sweet Spot. Ideally engagements will go: Sneak in, Injection open from the rear, 3 seconds of sustained backstabbing, Smoke Bomb blind, take a couple more shots at their back while they’re disoriented, and skedaddle.

  7. Not too sure about this one. Poison Blood doesn’t seem great, Coiled Spring is hard to judge given we don’t know what his jump height is already (Thorn heights would be fantastic though), so right now I’d probably go Deep Pockets.

  8. Probably Bountiful Bombs. Best to have your escape skill always at the ready, and it means you can more frequently repeat the cycle I detailed above.

  9. Slippery fits perfectly into the attack cycle I explained, a 3 second -50% CC duration buff after using Injection to open the fight, coupled with his natural 25% duration reduction means if Pendles finds himself in a bad situation when he initiates, he will be guaranteed to have a window to Smoke Bomb out of there.

  10. Probably Necrosis. I’m actually shocked this is Pendles’ only Wound access. With this, his Ultimate means his usual attack cycle can be coordinated with teammates by spreading a very long Wound debuff on lots of targets. Call out your attack run, pop Miasma, your teammates will probably have their own CC ready, and enjoy the carnage.

Gear will be pretty typical stuff, Attack speed, maybe a health gear, probably sprint speed for stealthed getaways. Might also look at -CD time gear based on the times for Smoke Bomb and Injection.


Lore challenge: stay cloaked for a total of 3 hours.


I assume that there is a certain line of sight distance right? It’s not just if you’re in any enemies peripheral vision you get spotted is it?

I hope you have to be in a certain range of someone’s FOV because if marquis can just stand on his little nest in overgrowth and see you from anywhere that would make his stealth very difficult to utililize

You would just need to duck behind cover for a moment to get the effect.

Isn’t that the way it always worked? You don’t show up on the enemy’s map until they have you on their screen. It shouldn’t be too hard to duck behind something and cut off their line of sight, even if it’s just for a split second (if that’s the way it works).

My take on Pendles’ Stealth: it’ll have a timer, but probably NOT a cooldown.

Passive - Pendles’ cloak activates when out of line-of-sight of enemies. Pendles’ movement speed increases while cloaked, but decreases while uncloaked.

So suppose it’s 6 seconds (arbitrary number). He’s out of LoS of enemies, it cloaks him. 6 seconds later, if he’s not able to be seen by enemies, either he never uncloaks or he just blinks in and out super fast.

I’d say this would be a fair way to do it, because you can’t just linger in Stealth or go on no-attack shard stealing runs forever. He’d always have 6 seconds to set up his initiation, and he’d be able to Smoke Bomb to get 6 seconds to evac. (Again, 6 seconds = arbitrarily selected number.)

I’d assume it would work like this I would hope so since getting in an enemies LoS would happen fairly quickly if it just deactivated on detection

I think whether or not it lasts indefinitely depends on how much his movement speed is reduced when he uncloaks.

Plus, having something that makes you invisible until someone is looking at you is kind of stupid.

I suppose I wonder what will happen if he’s attacking in a place where he can’t be seen? I mean, suppose he’s hacking big shards with no enemies around? Does he swing, uncloak, cloak, swing, uncloak, cloak, swing, etc.?

If he’s got any kind of display or sound for his cloaking, that kind of spamming could get REALLY annoying really quickly.

Maybe a cooldown on his passive cloak. Once he uncloaks, he can’t re-cloak using it for 3 seconds or something, but he could re-cloak using Smoke Bomb in case an attempted attack goes wrong really quickly, like missing the lead-in-Injection.

I assume it’ll work like deandes where if she attacks she uncloaks

He literally has a Burst Dash that slows and DOTs. Looks like she might be pushed out for a while.

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That’s a really good question. I know I wouldn’t want to hear OM’s cloak turn on and off 50 times.

@epicender584: To be fair, he can’t dash without a helix and the other one gives him a lot more damage for his smoke bombs. He also can’t stun people like Deande.

That is true. He’ll be extremely damage dependent.

Basilisk, Weeping Angel, and sassy slithering sociopath… that seems to be the awesomeness that is Pendles.

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