Pendles help I want to be sneaky snek

New here is just want help with pendles I love his character, I know the basics, be like snakey hit man, sabotage enemy base and finish people off, I just need advanced tips

-Helix Preference-

  1. Cobra Strike - Takes a little to get used to the lunge, but it is great to catch runners since you are so slow and you can use it in a similar fashion to how Melka can use her claw lunge to dart into the air away as an escape/maneuver mid air. I don’t take Poison Cloud outside of PvE because players don’t tend to stick around in it. It would have use in clearing a minion wave but I’m not usually wave clearing too often.

  2. Flash Bomb - Everyone hates being blinded. It helps you escape. They can stick around in your cloud just a bit longer without realizing it. It also can help you maneuver around them to attack their back. I don’t take Ninjineering ever because it adds another button press to the ability that I use to escape, which wastes valuable time that I could be killed in. You could use it to stay in stealth and bomb someone from afar or to catch someone running, but it seems pretty situational.

  3. Flurry of Blows (lvl 12 mutation) - I like to think that by now my opponents know my helix and to not put their back to me, thinking I will have picked Backstab, which most people do. Backstab is good for attacking a fleeing enemy but I don’t take anymore because I take the injection increased damage later on to deal with runners and I like the freedom of attacking the crit spots and not be a slave to being behind enemies. Attack speed helps me kill my targets faster no matter what angle I’m coming from. Mamba’s bite is good for PvE and if you like surviving a little bit longer in a brawl, which isn’t what you should be doing in most cases.

  4. Savage Cut - Add a DoT? Yes please! I have nabbed quite a few runaways with the added damage over time this provides. I don’t think the extra second of slow that Potent Venom adds would really make a big difference and Life Leech is for staying in the fight longer which I don’t encourage.

  5. Escape Plan - This makes you able to make that saving smoke bomb to get out of nasty situations more often. Sometimes people will track you down in stealth mercilessly, but you shouldn’t need damage reduction from Cloak and Cover if you know how to juke while stealthed and stay out of open areas. I’ve tried Snake Eyes a few times but never really noticed any crazy utility with it.

  6. Sweet Spot - If someone turns their back to you, chances are they are running and chances are it is faster than you. I’ve had scenarios where I had to keep having to recloak behind a wall to keep up a chase where I would get one or two melees in before falling behind. This helps you exit stealth less frequently by increasing the odds of you slicing through the runner like a hot knife through butter. I never ever use Feint because if you are using it to escape and aren’t aware of what’s behind you, you can jump into more danger or off a cliff. Plus you’ve already gone half a game getting used to cloaking and staying in place you cloaked anyway, so save yourself something new to have to deal with in the heat of battle.

  7. Poison Blood or Coiled Spring - If the enemy team has a lot of melee BB, then I go with Poison Blood to stick it to them if they try to retaliate against my assassination. Otherwise I go with Coiled Spring to be able to have a Thorn-like experience of being able to hop over peoples heads and it helps in tandem with Cobra Strike to be able to get up to higher areas. People, including myself, have a lot of trouble with tracking laterally. So I bounce around as much as possible.

  8. From the Shadows - Just a bit more damage from the Smoke Bomb-Injection combo on an escapee. Bountiful Bombs could be useful if you have a habit of getting into bad situations without Smoke Bomb up, but with time you should know when to use it and the CD will seem fine as it is. Acidic Blast is handy if you like to clean up with Smoke Bomb but I generally don’t and like I said before, people don’t stick around long in the cloud. Injection is guaranteed (unless you miss) damage.

  9. Relentless Strikes - Unless the enemy team is loaded with CC or you notice someone is fond of saving theirs for you, then go with Slippery because -75% CC reduction is insanely good and can be kept up for the whole duration of Miasma if you spam Injection. Relentless Strikes otherwise is phenomenal. If you keep swinging during Miasma, Injection will have closer to a 1.5 second cooldown!

  10. Venom Synergy - Unless the enemy team has either a really good healer or multiple healers, then go with Necrosis to shut it all down. Not much to explain; if they are lower than 50% health, then the poor get poorer.


Capture - No Cost Shard Generator for free money. No Cost Internal Capacitor for free shield strength increase to survive longer. A legendary of your choice, with honorable mentions to Go-Go Juice, his legendary, Vow of Zealous Fury, Boots of the Brute, and Symbiotic Gauntlet. I could explain in detail what they do and why you’d choose them if you’d like but I’ve been using Go-Go Juice because it lets me get from point to point quicker and is a lot of fun to chase people after activating.

Incursion or Meltdown - 3 legendaries because you shouldn’t have trouble stealing shards all over the map. The ones I’m currently trying out are Symbiotic Guantlet, Wyrm-Skin Kicks, and Vow of Zealous Fury.

One big tip I’d have to say in general is to really get to know the maps and lead people on chases around tight corners. If they can’t see you for a second, then you gain your Corner Sneak and can cruise out or back around to stab them again. You can also save yourself a smoke bomb this way by ducking for a second mid-chase to gain it and be able to catch up.

If you have any more specific questions, feel free to ask. I’m not the best Pendles in the world, but I’m nearly done with maxing him and have had a great amount of fun and success in all game modes and have never went negative.


Anything with how you should approach enemies I always do really good or really bade with that

Well which game mode? You should be looking for people who are distracted by an even team fight. If your teammates are even with or outnumbering them or if they have some low health guys, then you can strike. Otherwise you should either monitor the fight (which feels a bit selfish but you have to seriously consider if you can help at all) to see if tides turn or go off to farm shards or destroy buildables because there’s usually one up somewhere.

Meltdown mode specifically

Good guide and general tips, but I wouldn’t personally advocate the triple legendary on Pendles.

Since he’s not the best waveclear and he’s a roamer he’s well suited to getting his levels by buying and destroying buildables.

A shard gen and/or buildable wrench will be the most efficient way to level up most of the time in my experience, unless you’re tagging a lot of minions in your travels.

I’ve seen plenty of Pendles players horribly outlevelled because they’re too busy sneaking around and not gaining exp.

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With the flash bomb and left first helix he can sorta clear a wave

Ahhhh that’s been a favorite of mine with him. Start the match running to their side to knock out their thumpers and accelerators. This preps the field for you to freely chase them back. A few times people won’t even notice the thumper is gone and feel safe in places they aren’t. Tag waves when you can, but look for engagements that you can help with. I’d say take more time thinking about how the engagement may play out and you’ll know whether to engage or not, that is key. Sometimes you can’t do anything to help save a fight and that is okay.

So instead of just going in a team fight I should wait for the aftermath and pick out the weak

I haven’t had any troubles getting all my legendaries online and having shards afterward to build. While roaming I’m picking up a good deal of large shards to pull this off, but this is just my play style.

If you’d like you can swap one out for a shard generator but I usually end up with way too many shards and would prefer more stats to help me get kills easier, thus making up for the lack of minion exp I have.

You make a good point though.

I suppose it could work given his ability to steal shards from all corners of the map, but depending on work flow there might be difficulties balancing gear activation and timely building.

How do you approach that?

Do you build to five then start going for gear? I’d be interested to know as I only ever run max 2 legendaries and even then I’m not able to build as much as I’d like.

I’m a firm believer in levels > gear and some of my favourite builds are simple shard gen + wrench + legendary and I get to 10 halfway through.

I usually end up being more effective that way than lvl 8-9 late game with good gear online.


It’s a bit complicated to explain, but you should be going into team fights if you anticipate turning the tide in your teams favor.

If you see two team members pretty low on health fighting two of their guys at low health, you can potentially swoop in and make it a 2v1 and then chase to kill the other guy. But if you see more enemies coming in or the two enemies are badly beating your team members with 3/4 health, the best thing you can do for them would be to try and distract one off or avoid the fight. It depends highly on how comfortable you are with Pendles’ kit. If you do moves out of instinct, then you know you’re comfortable. You also have to test the waters every game to see who on their team is experienced.

There are a lot of factors to consider haha I’m sorry this turned into a mess. I thought this would be easier to explain. I’m a big believer in repetition making perfection. I didn’t take Pendles to PvP until like rank 9 once I tried all his helix choices in advanced story. Hope I’m helping somehow.

Oh it is not a mess, it is really insightful, I found ninjineering good for team fights

Warning spoilers [details=Summary]I know it is ridiculous but his bottom right lore really game me the idea he can’t drag a fight by how badly injured he was taking that commander.[/details]

I actually am pretty selfish in that aspect and prioritize getting my gear on before building unless it’s a healing station I could use. I guess it’s just my playstyle. I’m not knocking what you are doing and it may be different on different systems with their respective community. I’m on Xbox.

I have been getting his personal legendary by lvl 2-3, then symbiotic gauntlet 3-4, then VoZF 4-5. I do have a slower start if I don’t get good pickings from team fights or inexperienced and alone players.

Unless it’s Capture, then I am a lot more lenient with my shards because my legendary is just a fun bonus.

He is terrible in a downright 1v1 (very pending skill of both players, but speaking generally)

I have been killed by Miko by being cocky. If they have an area of effect slow…you are 100 percent going to have a bad time.

The funny is if a character health is at half and cc is on cool down you will almost always win even if you have half health

I don’t have his lore legendary yet but I would prioritise it early as well if there was a dedicated healer on their team.

Otherwise levels are king early game and I’ll save the activations for later.

You get +4% on just about everything per level, + health, which is much more significant than any piece of gear.

Not knocking your style either, but gear will give a bigger relative boost late game anyway, and the sooner you get there the better.

As for capture I just run all free white gear, aimed at movement and sprint speed primarily. Then you can just zoom around the map from go to woe and buy a turret or two along the way.

I think I would agree with you if the gear wasn’t legendary. I would rather get the +210 health and +18.20 Attack damage from my Symbiotic Guantlet than try to level for +4% to damage and added health. I have collected many legendaries so I could be particular in my testing and theory crafting. I would say well over 75% of the legendaries I will never use, but some are just too good to pass up with how they synergize with a character.

I agree those buffs are awesome, but as I said they become exponentially more powerful the higher your base stats are.

If you can level substantially faster and get to say, level 7 before activating a legendary than level 4, you’re getting an additional 12% to your base attack damage that will make that Symbiotic Gauntlet even more devastating.

I have 60+ unique legendaries myself and use many of them extensively.

I am not saying legendaries are not worth it, only that a higher level character will make better use of them.