Pendles ignored by sentry?

He has killed me while next to our sentry, which wasnt attacking anything else. It just ignored him while he killed me…twice. Our Miko experienced the same. What the hell?

It’s an issue with the Sentry not tracking any target properly. If it doesn’t get damaged, it generally won’t target anything.

The sentry is just dumb. Then again, it does a lot of damage pretty quickly so maybe it’s intentional? I dunno.

That’s happened to me several times long before Pendles. I run back around the corner trying to escape getting killed and an enemy Battleborn follows me all the way up to the sentry and kills me and the sentry never reacts. Like stated above, it might be intentional due to the damage output of the sentry? IDK

Not sure because sometimes you just show your face less than one second without even attacking an enemy/mobs and the sentry shoot his laser on you
Sometimes it can shoot 3lasers in a row with less than 2sec CD but sometimes no it just wait

Sentries cannot detect cloaked characters as far as I’m aware. As soon as you reveal yourself even briefly, you’re a target even after cloaking again whilst in sight.

Still annoying as all hell when he destroys the minions before the come out. I rarely see it, because most people think it is a cheap unfair thing to do and doesn’t benefit the team too much, but there is always one.