Pendles info / art

We’re super close to Pendles release… Was really hoping for the next battleplan we’d get more info on him.
Sneak peaks, art, or something! I think hype like that for character releases presents something fun for the community.

On that note, I’m very disappointed the next event starts on the 15th. The day monster hunter generations releases.
I guess it can’t be helped though. I really think Battleborn is a better game than overwatch, but what keeps Overwatch selling better is the hype and community involvement. I was really hoping for more of that in battleborn. I truly love this game!


They’ve been releasing pics on Pendles all over the place! Haven’t you seen them? Damn… that Pendles. He sneks too good. He’s such a sneky snek.

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Now that i think of it… We got a Mushroom, and a Snake.

We need a Badger.


Badgers? We don’t need no stinkin’ Badgers…

We need kitties riding capybaras.

I couldn’t agree more. :heart:

I’m gonna get MH generations, but I most likely won’t play it till August (mostly because I got exams till July 19th). Once I’m done with my exams I’m gonna be a full time Battleborn addict again for some weeks. I’m looking forward to the event though! I’m sure I’ll hop in once a day :smile:


I’d reckon we’ll get him around the middle of July. However, I’m more excited for Nova in her robot suit.

Where!? I’ve looked and not found…?

All I’ve seen is the announcement pic

I was poking fun at the fact that Pendles is a stealth character, implying that he’s in Battleborn promotional materials everywhere and we can’t see him because he’s a snek (a word I see one of the developers use which I believe is used in place of sneak and/or snake (or it may have just been a typo, but even if it was it’s a word now :stuck_out_tongue: )). If I am being serious here the developers haven’t posted anything new on Pendles since the Battleplan where he was announced unfortunately. I imagine as we get closer to his release we’ll see more info regarding him as well as more visuals.