Pendles Invis Issues

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Long story short: Pendles likes to keep status effect visuals on his character at all times. Like a slow or fire. Makes being sneaky sort of silly, yeah?

All the other Battleborn that have invisibility act this way in certain circumstances as well, and many skills are designed specifically to be revealing (such as Ambra’s cone of fire spell). I’m pretty sure jumping in lava or flames will show up on your character no matter what. You should probably try to figure out exactly which skills or circumstances are getting you revealed (something like 10 characters have the ability to set you on fire one way or another) - I’m sure that info would be helpful to Gearbox.

Slow from the accelerators requires death to get rid of frequently, also… It tag you threw the tunnel wall on overgrowth… We should talk about that lol

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I am not talking about reveals or the simple fact that effects show up even if you are in stealth. It may occur with the other stealth characters as well, but since their stealth is for a limited time I have yet to notice it.

Pendles will sometimes become permanently affected by these sort of visuals, akin to the post above. One of the main ones is Ambra’s DoT she can choose at level one to add a reveal to her Solar Wind. The fire effect likes to get stuck to our favorite sneaky snek and many times even death will not let it go away. Sunspots like to leave a red outline around characters that is visible through walls (not just Pendles) allowing the other team to watch you move around.

I was in a match last night where the poor Pendles had what appeared to be the affect from Mellka’s poison stuck on him. Worst of it was the only Mellka in the match was on his team, so we had no idea what had caused it.

Trying to be a sneaky character with a permanent visual affix like this is rather problematic. Again: reveals are not the issue, visual effects that don’t go away when the effect is over are.

Gotcha. I misunderstood then. I’ve seen this happen even without Pendles. There’s a kind of red staticy lightning effect that gets left behind permanently on some skills (I believe it’s Attikus’s Hedronic Charge, but don’t quote me on that).

Permanent effects in the world and on characters after the debuff wears off, and certainly after they respawn, should be fixed.

Maybe we can help Gearbox by making a list of the offending skills?

I haven’t played Pendles yet, so I can’t add much there, except for the red lightning effect described above.