Pendles-is-Friendles/Insanekakashi's Fanart Bin

(Pendles-is-Friendles) #1

Just a collection of art from someone who loves the sneaky snake in squeaky sneakers way too much and has way too many Battleborn OCs too. This is as close to chronological order as I can get.

Miko’s done with everyone’s dying bs.

Miko Happy edition

Kelvin in a snow bath!

Yeah, I ship them. They’re too cute together and I wanted to do a beach day picture

Cloneskémon (Okay Oscar Mike’s scanner reminded me of Duskull’s eye and Spiritomb seemed fitting for Whiskey Foxtrot)

A very confused and very young-looking Rath

Somewhere, Beya’s happy (and Marquis is missing his hat)

And then I got a tablet. I don’t think this was my first Battleborn sketch, but it is definitely an early one.

This page is important because it shows the start of a wonderful thing. The first Pendles I ever drew.

Another first!


I started doing colour-based, expression-based, and event-based requests there for a while.
And then I started drawing role-playing Pendles and drawing him A LOT.


Gearbox actually noticed me for this one!

This is the most recent finished piece I did for Halloween. I was trying to find a useable design of the first stage for Roa… (while also dressed as Dratini for fun.)
There are many more pieces and I still haven’t delved into my OCs yet, but this is a good start? I’ll add more as I find them/clean them up.

(Natsume Ryu) #2


you only posted a few of these to discord over the year. i am disappoint and excite.

(Pendles-is-Friendles) #3

I… don’t think I’ve ever posted any of my art to the discord myself. I mostly stick to Tumblr and I’ve been branching out to Twitter a little bit. But I could start getting better at sharing stuff over there too? I’m sorry I didn’t think to.

And thank you!

(NOPE) #4


You even drew a Pendles hug picture, those are my fave. <3

Great work, keep it up!

(RelatingThrone) #5

Mmph pendles got that bod

I love this
On behalf of all pendles mains, danke <3

(Meme Crusader) #6

I don’t want that image burned into my memory.

(RelatingThrone) #7

I thought you roleplayed as pendles, you must know what he looks like under his shirt to really be like pendles c;
actually now that I think about it his shirt is open… whatever >~>

(Thrall Lover) #8

Everything here is absolutely glorious~


The Marquis hitting Attikus was great. I laughed.

(Pendles-is-Friendles) #10

Pendles just likes to show off what he’s got! All those months and years of swinging kamas really built up all of those muscles. (But thank you for the support! I appreciate it!)


I love seeing the progression! Such great Pendles art :smiley: