Pendles Legendary item is poop - Warning SPOILER

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Thats terrible lol…how about "Attacking with Injection From Stealth Increases Damage Done To Target 10% For 5 Seconds"
That’d make more sense and could potentially be good, i wouldn’t use it but It’d atleast have some MAJOR utility, you can already wound for (up to) 10 seconds using his ulltimate with the right helix choice…

Also -6%CC duration?

Why not something for pendles’ survivability like damage reduction or health boost?
Or maybe attack speed.

Sadly lots of character legendaries are just trophies to point at honestly.

His movement speed out of strealth is very slow so any increase to movement speed is great as it can keep him on the fight or aid him in escaping, not to mention his base movement while cloaked is so fast that even slight increases are very noticeable. Pendles is currently the only character who really benefits from -CC duration due to his talent, so again a nice stat. And wound will only help him to perform his role as an assassin more efficiently as he can burst down backline healers or chip away at tanks without pesky heals interfering. I think this is one of the better lore legendaries in the game.


Wow, that’s an awful legendary in my opinion. lol

He already has multiple ways of reducing cc effects and tbh if I want to boost his speed, I’ll grab an item I can activate with less than 1800 shards. Eh

…This. The Devs already gave us 26% at min with that, seems reasonable.

I’ve used his legendary and that wound is actually amazing since it stops Alani from saving everyone I attack from doom


Yeah, I’m on board with this. While it’s only PvP useful (for now) his Legendary’s unique ability seems REALLY useful.

Pendles exists to make bodies. Healers (especially bursty ones like Alani) exist to stop people from making bodies. Wound exists to stop healers from stopping people making bodies. Seems natural to me. Move, counter, counter-move.

The CC duration is a bit disappointing, I guess. Pendles has that in spades already. But play to your strengths, I guess.


I also enjoy his legendary. Pair that with a green shard generator that gives cooldown for a few seconds on a critical and a Vow of Vengeance and I become a menace to any healer character. Mix that with flurry of strikes and I can down a single target right quick. Although that means I die if I get greedy but thats part of the fun with Pendles. Big risk vs big reward.

I wanted to finally get a piece of legendary more into the game that used CC Duration Reduction and was actually relevant. It pumps his CC reduction up to 31% before any other augs or even another piece of CC Duration Reduction gear (you can stack it with the aug to get almost 90% reduction!!). It’s not always must take, but it fixes weaknesses in his kit and gives him a wound before level 10. It creates unique build options for him and I am happy with where it’s at.

Finally - yes, it’s oriented around PvP; yes, I am sorry PvE people. I still love you though :innocent:


No worries, @ScrubEraser. We get that Pendles is pretty PvP-oriented. Personally, I’ve had a TON of fun with him in story mode so far. Sneaking up on and Injecting Thrall Brutes from behind is HELLA satisfying. “Let’s see that big wonky shield stop THAT, big guy!”

Sidenote: I love that the physics just TOSSES cadavers when you score the kill with Injection. Also very satisfying.

This happens in PvP too, I love watching corpses fly xD

I like the legendary, and injection kills are awesome

Free wound on injection… clearly not garbage.

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…Awesome! :smile:

btw, just Mastered Melika, that’s got to be the worst legendary going, in PvE anyway.