Pendles, Master of Cloaking

I really wanted to give this one the benefit of the doubt and think that, for once, a character was perfect as is right off the gate, but nope! A good Pendles can wreak hell in Incursion and Meltdown by not letting the enemy team mount any defense and being a master assassin. The way Pendles can cycle cloaking at will is insane, add a high Attack Damage buffing gear and you’re good to go.

What you do is the following, cloak > steal all the shards in the enemy area that don’t require you to attack > if no one’s following you start destroying their turrets/nodes > someone is following or is simply around KO them then go back to your business. If all else fails, do the blind/cloak, leave, recover your health and do it all over again.

Pendles needs a nerf on his cloaking. Either an increase to his skill cooldown, or a decrease to how long his seemingly endless cloaking lasts.

nope…people just need to LEARN AND ADJUST TACTICS.


Dude ANY reveal completely shuts him down…If you aren’t cloaked it feels like you’ve been Phoebe slowed. It’s ridic. I agree he is strong for the reasons you’ve brought up, but it is so simple to shut him down.

Save your reveal for after he uses his smoke bomb and it’s over. Any focus at all and he is toast. I actually am not liking playing him bc he is so one dimensional.


Yeah, don’t do something and then aimlessly apologize about the thing.

If a character is unfair we have every right to voice our complaints about the character. It’s one of the reasons this forum is here for. Also, “whining about new characters is getting old”? There’s been two new characters total and, even though I never had a problem with Alani pre-nerf, it seems to me that the complaints of the previous character were well placed seeing as GBX nerfed her.

Lastly, I do adjust my tactics slightly when I see someone using him well. I switch up what I do, but when you have characters that don’t have any de-cloaking skills (and your team’s of no help) there’s not much you can do.

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Which would be doable if I hadn’t been playing characters that don’t have any reveal skills.

Will try to do next time I do use a character with reveal though. Thanks.

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The thing is, just because a character is tough to beat or spot in some circumstances (like having a team who don’t get it) doesn’t seem reason enough for a nerf to me. Surely all characters don’t have to be equal in strength and able to combat every other character equally? I don’t want to see characters stream rolling the entire map but I do like characters who need strategic composition and team coordination to beat.


I don’t find him tough, although I’m usually Orendi these days, I don’t bother with her reveal becauae firewalk is too awesome to give up. He goes down pretty hard to just her primary. He has a big critbox.

I’ve seen a few exceptional ones, but they had equally exceptional teammates. He’s great for pursuing and killing enemies that are low on health and think they’re out of harm’s way, which early onocan be an EXP boon for the team, but he’s no Phoebe or Gallilea level threat.

Sorry OP but have to 100% disagree. I’ve been playing Pen a good bit and he’s definitely not as godly as you’re making him out to be. For starters, when his cloak breaks, he’s crazy slow. If he reveals he’s in big trouble with it backup or a smoke bomb ready to go. Also, he’s actually not that hard to see. I’ve easily spotted a cloaked enemy Pen but chose not to engage as I knew I couldn’t kill him right then and there.

Finally I’ll point out that his health and shield pools are really really low. 900 health/309 shield. I have never had to teleport back to base as much as I do when I play as him. No nerfs, please


Take it easy there salty. This is the second character released, and the second one that needs adjusting. You’ll just have to put up with the posts.

I think if he is uncloaked after taking damage or losing shield or a certain amount of damage taken, he would be more balanced.

Exactly. Montana, with a good Miko behind him, is an unstoppable bastion of destruction IF your team lacks the burst damage or range necessary to take out his Miko. That doesn’t mean he needs nerfed.

Likewise, Pendles is a deadly enemy IF he catches you alone or focuses on harassment - but if he’s harassing and messing with buildables, then he’s not helping his allies push.


I’m sorry… Is it just me… Or does anyone else think the same.

  • I hear a lot of people saying “in the beginning you can run into the enemy base to kill minions and destroy buildables”.

Ok I get that, but doesn’t that HELP the enemy team? You are denying your team minion kills and destroying buildables that can be built which will give the enemy things to build which equals more experience for the enemy team. I’m trying to learn tactics too but this response that many people post made no sense to me. Doing that in late game would be great but not in the beginning when the first push sets the tempo.

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He is fine he can’t instantly kill minion waves and people act like he can. If he’s going behind your lines attacking minions go kill or stop him. It’s not that hard. Everyone really needs to stop whining about the new characters and start learning their weaknesses

He’ll be on the receiving end of both buffs and nerfs I think. They’ll likely nerf the augment that gives his Smoke Bomb a ridiculous amount of cooldown, but likely buff the throwing star projectile speed and primary-to-secondary attack transition speed.

You’re right about making sure not to kill minion waves behind enemy lines, but destroying accelerators helps in mitigating how fast they arrive in the center field; especially if your team’s being pushed back. And while there is validity that destroying buildables, only to have the enemy team build them up, will reward the enemy team with XP, the XP effects become less noticeable after level 4. There’s also the fact that they’re expending shards at the cost of activating their own gear. And if you’re taking their shard clusters often, they should be pretty stifled when it comes to constructing buildables.

When I destroy enemy turrets and such I definitely think it’s helping my team. I figure for every shard they need to spend to rebuild a thumper that’s fewer shards they have to build elite bots :blush:

I understand. Not saying it’s bad to kill the thumper. I’m talking about the very beginning of the match.

I’ve seen and saw posts of people doing/saying in the beginning to go behind base and kill minions and buildables. No one in the beginning of the round is strong enough to go back there so there is nothing to worry about there. When you do that, you are leaving 4v5 in the middle & may give that team the first push. First push equals shards in that area which equals shards to re build back buildables equals experience (who knows if they were running shard gen) Equals the team will have the level difference right from the beginning because you decided to kill all buildables and destroy minions that your team… Which lost 4v5 could have used to level up.

Moral of the story is don’t kill buildables until they have to be destroyed. If you do, you are constantly giving the team experience. That’s just my opinion, I’m sure everyone has their own.