Pendles needs to be nerfed ASAP

Pendles is completely broken you cannot have a character that has infinite invisibility. I literally snuck all the way to the enemy spawn without being touched. He needs to be uncloaked if you see him for a few seconds or something like that because the only way to kill him is to attack him(if he’s not invisible), hope his smoke bomb is on cool down, and then make sure you don’t break line of sight for even one second. So you have about a 15 second window to attack him and less if he manages to turn a corner. He also runs at over 9,000 MPH when he’s invisible and his slow visible form can be corrected with movement speed gear. I am baffled that he made it through testing like this because he is the most annoying character in the game by far. Im not saying nerd everything about him but he cannot have infinite invisibility. He is a slithery snek and needs to be stopped

EDIT: After playing with pendles today and seeing more people play with him i found that he is actually pretty balanced so my first post seems to be a bit of an overreaction theres actually quite a lot o characters that can counter him, mainly toby.


Oh gosh… realy? can’t be serious.
pendles is very well balanced, people just need to learn to open their eyes.
You still can see pendles clearly… and if you play against experienced players you get shot the entire time while invisible because they know what to look for since they learned from oscar mike, deande and s&a.
No one is 100% invisble.
New players might not see him, but they will learn and adapt.
At higher brackets like level100 only matches pendles is realy hard to play, if not the hardest… and i ■■■■■■■ love it… finally a battleborn with some challenge.


One word OP.



You do realize this is battleborn right? The game is vomiting effects on you as a regular basis. The VERY slight distortion of a character near you is really easy to loose is the mass of visual stimuli this game provides.


Obviously he isn’t completely invisible I can still see him but his hotbox is very small, he’s crazy fast, and if he just runs around enough then you lose him. The first game I played with him I went 10 and 0 easily against level 100s. He’s not challenging at all if you just wait for his smoke bomb to be ready you can attack and escape every time.

He doesn’t.

Sounds like most engagements in Battleborn.

Have you met Mellka?


My mellka is never as awesome as the ninjas I play against :’(

He has one of the biggest heads in the game, even melee characters can easily crit him consistently.


Ahhh NO he’s surprisingly well balanced I’ve played with and against amazing and sucky pendals no need to nerf just because some people can play him well.


In the words of Ghalt, “No. Just, no.”

Pendles seems balanced to me and doesn’t need a nerf at all. Yes he can be cloaked for a long time but he can’t do anything apart from move around. Once he attacks he’s quite slow (and his melee strikes aren’t speedy either) and he’s then exposed and quite squishy. I’ve seen him played by others in several games and in each case he died more than he killed.

His invisibility is also countered by characters like Oscar Mike and Toby who can always see his with appropriate helix choices.

When he’s visible hitting him with a slow reduces his speed even further to someone moving through treacle and he’s easy to hit.

The balance is fine as it is, it’s just that Pendles is new and some people have yet to work out how to deal with him.


I’ve been waiting for this thread :+1: give it a bit more time


And don’t forget about kleese, his tazer melts pendles so fast it feels like a onehit.

or any other battleborn is capable of killing pendles within a second.

people only die to pendles if theydon’t watch their surroundings and get attacked from behind or didnt teleport back to base andrun around with low health.


I haven’t really found myself loathing Pendles opponents yet; but mostly because I’ve only been using Ambra knowing people would pick Pendles.

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I’ve only run into one good Pendles player on the opposing team and he pissed me off, but it was because he was good, not that I think he needs a nerf. To me, Pendles is stealth done right: you get in, make your hit, then get the hell out ASAP.

As for the thread, all I have to say is this:


Well they wont nerf him for a few weeks, because people want to jump onto the OP-train and buy a season pass to get him. After the hype has settled they will put him on par with the other BBs. Perma stealth always was/is cheesy.

And hearing “good player”…give an BB toon some awesome skills and he doesnt need to be good to press q or e or f at the right time.

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Well, I have only one issue with pendles so far and that is, even if you see him and shot him, HIT him, the sneks is gonna keep himself invislbe and that is frustrating.

If I manage to notice and shot a damn invisible super fast tiny hitbox sneak sneaky bastard I would like to reveal him at least for a few seconds as a reward.


Pssh! Nerf Pendles!? He’s just fine man. What they need to do is Nerf Benedict. C’mon who’s with me?!



Even when you’re trying to port back to base, you still have to be very careful. If you’re low on health and the other team has Pendles, make sure you run back to a well fortified location. As soon as you think you’re safe, he strikes! Though this is nothing new. I’ve had Oscar Mike’s pull this same stunt.

Toby’s perk isn’t letting him see pendles right now

I play ghalt, by far I think he is most OP character (yeah you didnt mention when the PLAYER is actually broken)

I pull pendles when he was invisible and make TONSo of pendles RQ.
Only truly invisible will be deade and throne. but they can still get hit by my invisible trap, in fact, I think my invisible trap might be most broken thing in the game if play right…I main ghalt and yeah I think he is broken, but no one complain it because he is so not threaten.

People need to be character specialist, then start complain about tier.
same type of player poison Soul series community, ever heard a old saying GIT GUD?
Just ignore all the other factor and stick with ONE character and know EVERYTHING with the character, and how to use your X to against Y character’s Z. If he is hitting you run, don’t actively look for him, if you are pendles what will you do? where will you be? a camping pendles will had LEVEL/ASSIST against him later in the game, he should be play more like low key/team fight contributor with low push power, secure the area and scout. If you can’t even figure out how to counte him stop play video game, you should focus on your future.