Pendles needs to be nerfed ASAP

Hard counter, as in someone who he can only beat under the most optimal circumstances.

  • Any Defender
  • Any attacker who has even rudimentary backup or is a higher level than him (not hard since he puts himself out in the open if he goes minion-hunting for EXP)
  • Literally any pairing of Battleborn focusing on him.

Pendles is a sneaky bugger, yes, but he is SO easy to kill if you catch him out of stealth. His stealth is his -only- serious defense. If the enemy team has a Pendles and you don’t invest in Reveal skills or insist on spreading out/splitting up, then I’m sorry but it’s your own silly fault if you get shanked by him.

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And she has the DPS to kill him just as quickly. If she uses her bounce-back move and has any competentce with aiming her bolts, he’s dead meat.


That’s because he excels at hampering an opponents push, not aiding his allies push.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. As pendles I make sure I’m running around sabotaging enemy base to keep them from getting shards, having turrets, and ambushing minions before they can make it to the middle or at least weaken them so allies can now through them.

Which actually aids the team more than just helping pushing normally. A crippled enemy is a good advantage.

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ho appena finito di giocare contro il nuovo eroe e posso dire che è OP. tra le sue abilita ce quella di rimanere invisibile all infinito, il giocatore avversario ha passato tutto il tempo nel nostro spawn distruggendo le nostre torrette senze che lo riuscissero ad localizzare. attacca e poi ritorna invisibile senza un tempo limite per questa.

I expected more from gearbox and not only I in fact many players have left this title . the new heroes must be tested before being put in the final game

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Ummm… Don’t know what the first part says but pendles just going 14 and 1 doesn’t make him op…
Also your team was garbage so those kills were probably easy pickings for him

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I’ve got no clue what you said in the first bit since I don’t speak Italian. but…

[quote=“Idlebit, post:1, topic:1542583, full:true”]I expected more from gearbox and not only I in fact many players have left this title . the new heroes must be tested before being put in the final game

Just because you got your ass handed to you by a new character who has an incredibly different playstyle than normal doesn’t mean that he’s overpowered, especially when it’s apparent that the game was at least 3v4 (with Pendles on the team with 4 or 5). Rather than blaming the character on being overpowered, consider all of the people that have actually been figuring out how to beat him rather than blaming the character itself (and having pretty good results in the process).


Mhhh, it appears Toby left the match/never made any points/objectives, no even collected a shard. Thorn as well… Did they just left or what happened there?
In the case you had just 2 allies/3 total against a full 5 man team its no wonder the rivals seem powerfull by default. You had a big disadvantage here, due to your teamsize, not because of Pendles.
At least thats how it looks to me.

Also he has 14 kills but only 4 assist, which is a sign that the asassin-role works perfectly - he´s a backstabbing bastard after all, no wave-clearer.
The possibility is high your rival was a skilled Master of Deande or OM, with experience in his role and in stealth.

If you think a char is OP, try him/her yourself, get some insight and another perspective.
To judge by scoreboard or rivals playskill is not enough to make a verdict imo.

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Yeah number of kills doesn’t mean op, just that he got the last hit in.

Which is literally what he’s designed to do: finish people off.

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Given that he can spawn camp minion spawn points without getting any sentry aggro, or take points cloaked in capture, yeah, I’d say it’s damn obvious he needs tweaking.

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Someone had a great idea to make Tier1&2 turrets able to aim on him even if cloaked. This could be a clever little tweak making straight backdooring less easy.

Just saw you on Steam. Yeah, he completely disrupts what the gameplay was when I started playing. The game became a less fun with him around.

It is just not fun to play against him. He needs tweaked badly.

That would be great, but I don’t understand how Gearbox could not have picked up on this to begin with.

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It’s entirely possible it never occurred to them that Pendles’ most effective role would be screwing around with the opponents’ side of the field. They designed him as an assassin and always ended up playing him like that. It happens a lot in game design: it takes an outside view to discover how said design can be broken when applied in other contexts (especially since screwing around with the opponents’ side of the field isn’t really a set or intended role).


I’ve noticed accelerators slows affect him but that’s it though

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There’s a new bug where if someone leaves the match, it zeroes out all their info.


Ahhhhhh, thanks alot for the info! :heart:

Ummmm…why is Pendles suddenly the new Rath? So he can backdoor minions…OM, Kleese, Thorn and others can backdoor a SENTRY. He’s not an Eldrid, so he doesn’t get free health regen like one.

As I said in another post, Pendles is a good STARTER to a fight. He can blind, slow and poison, all from stealth; fairly potent abilities at the start of a fight when you want your enemies as confused and disoriented as possible. But he’s got no END to that fight. He can’t KEEP you slowed, he can’t KEEP you blinded or thrown up into the air. And he doesn’t have the durability of someone like Rath or Galilea, who can take several SERIOUS hits, saving their combat moves for when they need to escape or the fight swings firmly in their favor.

Pendles isn’t Rath or Deande; he can’t 1v2 enemy players and actually pull it off. He’s a glass dagger as opposed to a glass cannon. Timed well, with good team support, he can be tough. Get him out of position, get him bleeding, poisoned or any other effect that still pings location despite stealth, and he’s more squishy than Marquis.


I have seen him destroy Rath. You have to realize you have a influx of new players with a lot of old players. The old players can adapt a new hero easily. The new players are just learning.

Maybe I am running into skilled players. But Pendles is highly disruptive. He changed the game I was trying to learn.