Pendles needs to be nerfed ASAP

The description in his passive is a lie…GBX needs to fix that…ive looked directly at Pendles and he was still cloaked

100% agree, I mean LOOK at this screenshot, pendles is Out Of Control.

Wait, wait no, that Alani, thats chibi, me.

Honestly has anyone had any real problems with Pendles or did him sneaking up on you just make you angry once or twice, because thats kinda his character.
And I agree he’s absurdly well balanced, if anything i lean towards feeling he needs a buff, the Only place he is op is in story mode when he can just stand around invisible while the AI turns off to him.

Pendles introduces an element of people needing to care about cloaked characters, because normally a cloak = retreating, its NOT pendles, it’s a mindset and an awarness people need to learn.

The only time i’ve gone against a pendles that i was angry with was Rawrquaza and his squad rolling up on meltdown and demolishing our team.
But honestly i was mored annoyed with Rath that Pendles.
And i killed pendles once or twice in that match…

Pendles might annoy you because he can run back in your base, hide out and strike you when you’re retreating, but thats his character.
Pendles is Literally nothing without his team lol.

He’s hardly OP in pvp, I feel like Ambra and Benedict need to be nerfed long before Pendles ever gets one, and as i said i feel he needs a buff lol
Cause I have literally only seen 1 Pendles (that wasn’t against a super newbie team) that had low deaths and high kills, usually pendles is high in both kills and deaths.
Pendles might be able to sneak up and kill you but he’s shredded as soon as he’s out of stealth.

I dont feel like starting up my game to read the in game description but on the wiki it says this and im pretty sure its the same in game:

What i get from that is pendles when not seen by an enemy goes into cloak form, and his cloak form is its own thing separate from that skill.

All it says is “it Activates” when out of line of sight, not “it’s only active” when out of line of site, so it technically makes sense but they probably should make it clearer.


I got a worthy of song as him yesterday, however that was verse noobs.

If you are looking for him you know where he is before he does anything because his stealth is easy to see. Then just pile on when he attacks. The poor thing has terrible health.

The only thing Op about him so far is that he can’t be canceled out of recall by shooting him.

Gasp. You talking about Sneky Nerf… Now you got to watch your back… Pendles will come for you :scream:

Hes perfectly fine, Just don’t be below half health if you’re playing against one. You have to also be more aware of who is missing on the enemy team as well.

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I wouldn’t say nerf him… I say just change him back to how he was.

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I am new and I would say yeah, he is a bit ridiculous. He dominates ANYONE on the field. Some of the 100’s I were playing with were complaining. Hell, even the guy wrecking all of us said he was ridiculous.

He is not squishy enough. With his damage and stealth, he should be a glass cannon type. But he can take one three players EASY and wipe them. I watched it happen. Some say his health is nothing. I did not see that. Maybe it was skill, I am new…

All I know is he really made the games not very fun. He forces teams to stay together. You flank, you die because here comes Pendles cutting you up since he will wipe you one on one.

Some of his helix choices give him health steal, but his base health is low compared to others. Folks just need to get used to him, that’s all.


New character gets released with playstyle/skills different to what people are used to.

New character gets lots of kills because people don’t know how to counter it.

Umpteen threads appear on forum calling for nerfs

Players learn how to play against the new character

Nerf threads die down

Cycle repeats

RE: Pendles

Take a character with a reveal skill (Orendi, Ambra, etc.) or a persistent visible debuff (e.g. Mellka) and you substantially limit his effectiveness.


Pendles is fine as is he’s an assassin he’s supposed to take care of single targets quickly and efficiently. I’ve killed plenty of people as pendles and I’ve killed plenty of pendles as orendi,rath,and phoebe he’s perfectly fine right now just learn to counter it’s only been a day since release

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Yep. @GregGreggers called it 18 days ago!


your mellka is not mellka then…

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my snake won’t be nerfed

Yes, they should. From my experience he stays cloaked until he attacks or uses a skill. But he’ll only re-cloak if he’s out of the line of sight of an enemy or uses his smoke grenade.

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You could be right. I am new to Battleborn so I may just be overreacting a bit.

You uhh…You didn’t contradict me…In any way.

I think you misread what i posted.

What i said was the point.

Am I missing something about your post or? I’m unsure what you’re talking about.

I wasn’t contradicting you, I was agreeing with you: “…they probably should make it clearer.” and explaining why I did because of how Pendles’ cloaking system works. Basically he’s cloaked until he enters combat in some fashion or another.

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One thing I did notice is that if Reyna hits him with priority target and he cloaks after, target still on him, her homing shots wont track him. Which was the whole point i picked Reyna, to counter his cloak.

Please tell me you are joking. He’s so squishy he shatters like glass.

You can still see him running around while he’s camod and whenever he’s NOT sneaking he’s a sitting duck.

I already learned how to see stealthed characters from the three OTHER invisible characters we’ve had since launch.

That and he doesn’t do enough damage for his sneak attacks to kill you unless you are already at low health.

He’s just annoying because he can harass you and sabotage the battlefield.

When I’m playing him I largely ignore the fight to go over and take out their turrets/minions/shards etc, and just pick off enemies at low health trying to run or distracted.


He’s an assassin he’s supposed to tear you apart 1v1 the whole strategy with pendles is to pick someone who’s alone and tear them up.

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