Pendles needs to be nerfed ASAP

That’s not a “full strength turret”, then, that’s a level 1 turret. Anybody except like… Montana at range can chew those up in seconds.

He’s lanky but he presents quite a wide target from the way he stands/attacks, which makes hitting him in melee easier than, say, Thorn or Mellka.

I meant that the turret was at full health, or undamaged. I was impressed, because I have never killed one that easily.

This is correct. And for clarity, minions and turrets count as being in sight of of an enemy, so if any battleborn, minions, or turrets see Pendles, he can only cloak with a smoke bomb (or until he is out of sight of all those things).


Again, he’s an assassin that easily and trivially hard counters RDS and other assassins, and a couple healers, without having a real great counter himself. He. is. Too. Good.

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Pendles starts with 920 HP, not 1300.

I beg to differ on him having no counter, there are counters for him, if ambra is on a battlefield she can keep pendles far away very easily using sunspots.

Get all that. He’s still designed to run around and do his own thing, and it sucks they are encouraging that, IMO. Not to mention it completely screws with the way the game has played up to this point. It makes not having a support an even bigger deal than it already was because any time you aren’t at full health you are at risk, by design. It completely screws with the way we have been playing the game all this time where you skirmish a bit and pull back if you get low on health.

None of this is going to be a problem for high-level players. But for people like me, it is. I suck at dealing with people that get in my face when I’m on a ranged character. With Pendles, I can’t see him coming and realize I need to pull back. I can’t choose the conditions of the engagement.

It’s true I managed to kill Pendles a couple of times earlier when I was on Whiskey, but I hated every minute of it, not having a clue where he was going to be.

Again, I’m not saying he is overpowered, but for me, his presence on the battlefield changes the way the game plays to something I don’t particularly want to play. If we had bans in this game, I’d ban him Every. Single. Time.


Pendle’s combat ability is not overpowered, but his ability to disrupt the map is. He can steal your shards, kill people trying to take Thralls, etc. There is almost no counterplay to this if you are not playing in a coordinated premade, because you need to be playing a character that can both reveal Pendles AND catch/kill him, which is nigh impossible.

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Hard counter, as in someone who he can only beat under the most optimal circumstances.

That’s an interesting way of putting it. And sure, there are things you could do, like make sure two people go to grab thrall, but that kind of thinking would just back up the point I was trying to make that he changes the way the game plays.

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I found Shayne and Aurox to be a really good problem solver against pendles, because of the overshield from welcoming committee and slows on wait for the drop. You do have to have your wits about you though obviously. Shayne is a lot harder to burst towards end game too, especially if you take the extra shields :slight_smile:


Something that I could see the devs doing to reduce his map disruption is giving some of the turrets reveal (like tier 3 turrets) so that he can’t just run past the fight and bounce around the opponent’s side of the field with abandon.

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yeah, I think that would qualify as ambra. she can drop a sunspot to heal herself and damage him at the same time, if the correct helix choice is taken at level 1 he takes 16% more damage for four seconds(refreshes as long as he’s damaged by a sunspot) this means he needs to drop her immediately or else he won’t get away.(please note this strategy also including gear I run when I play ambra that further tips things in my favor). at level 6 that same sunspot reveals enemies and gains a further 50% range. which means he needs to stay far away or else he will become a very nice pair of boots

No, he doesn’t. Ambra doesn’t have the dps to kill him. He can safely engage on her if she’s isolated and get away if he fails to confirm the kill with no issues.

A good pendles player will only ever die if they make a mistake. Every other battleborn in the game can be killed by other players making a good move, with pendles you have to rely on that player messing up solely.

who have you tried?

because as ambra use 1 sunspot, alternate staff beam and melee(or just melee with her legendary equipped) to reduce cooldown on sunspot to drop another sunspot(each sunspot is around 40 dps if I recall) then staff beam as well which is about 45 every tick if I recall. if worse comes to worse solar wind him and he’s roasted…at level 10 pendles has around 1300 life right? with 300 shield right? if said ambra is above level 6 her sunspots cover a HUGE area and can reveal as well.

with respect your statement of “a good player will only ever die if they make a mistake” can be said of a lot of characters as well. it all depends on your tactics

Hahaha this guy has it right!!

Let’s be real… Phobe has more attack damage output, deande’s stealth is harder to see and mellka’s poison is more threatening.
At this point in battleborn, everyone is broken in there own way, we just need time to figure out how to counter him like we did with rath… And if your still having problems with rath, you might wanna consider getting in some private matches and figure that out. I’ve already noticed one definite conter is marquis owls and sunspots that reveal. I don’t think he needs a nerf or a buff, what he does need is time…


Or, and this is a wild one… he just leaves. What’s Ambra going to do then? He walks away. Note, playing a thorn, I’m not getting away from pendles, not with all the slows he applies.

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Scorching Strikes to the face definitely hurts Pendles. I’ve personally found it quite easy to get a string crits on his face as Ambra if he is trying to target me.