Pendles needs to be nerfed ASAP

Just saw you on Steam. Yeah, he completely disrupts what the gameplay was when I started playing. The game became a less fun with him around.

It is just not fun to play against him. He needs tweaked badly.

That would be great, but I don’t understand how Gearbox could not have picked up on this to begin with.

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It’s entirely possible it never occurred to them that Pendles’ most effective role would be screwing around with the opponents’ side of the field. They designed him as an assassin and always ended up playing him like that. It happens a lot in game design: it takes an outside view to discover how said design can be broken when applied in other contexts (especially since screwing around with the opponents’ side of the field isn’t really a set or intended role).


I’ve noticed accelerators slows affect him but that’s it though

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There’s a new bug where if someone leaves the match, it zeroes out all their info.


Ahhhhhh, thanks alot for the info! :heart:

Ummmm…why is Pendles suddenly the new Rath? So he can backdoor minions…OM, Kleese, Thorn and others can backdoor a SENTRY. He’s not an Eldrid, so he doesn’t get free health regen like one.

As I said in another post, Pendles is a good STARTER to a fight. He can blind, slow and poison, all from stealth; fairly potent abilities at the start of a fight when you want your enemies as confused and disoriented as possible. But he’s got no END to that fight. He can’t KEEP you slowed, he can’t KEEP you blinded or thrown up into the air. And he doesn’t have the durability of someone like Rath or Galilea, who can take several SERIOUS hits, saving their combat moves for when they need to escape or the fight swings firmly in their favor.

Pendles isn’t Rath or Deande; he can’t 1v2 enemy players and actually pull it off. He’s a glass dagger as opposed to a glass cannon. Timed well, with good team support, he can be tough. Get him out of position, get him bleeding, poisoned or any other effect that still pings location despite stealth, and he’s more squishy than Marquis.


I have seen him destroy Rath. You have to realize you have a influx of new players with a lot of old players. The old players can adapt a new hero easily. The new players are just learning.

Maybe I am running into skilled players. But Pendles is highly disruptive. He changed the game I was trying to learn.


A. Give gim a week after he is released to everyone before calling for nerfs, real time to see how he develops.

B. Like Deande, Pendles is very reliant on his team. If he has a lot of kills, it’s because his team set up (most of) those kills for him.

C. Rath, Ambra, Orendi. All horrible for Pendles, if a Rath runs from Pendles they are a moron. When you turn your back to Pendles you are basically saying “Oh Pendles, it would be an honor if you were to kill me today.” Half health Rath can kill a full health Pendles when going 1v1. Ambra and Orendi just take away his stealth which is where his strength comes from.

D. And I cannot stress this enough, 1 week after he has been publicly released, Nerf threads will actually have (the ability to have) ground to stand on. Before that they are just making early assumptions based on a few matches. Going 1 match where a Pendles is doing great will leave you frustrated and after that every match you will go in looking for reasons to hate him even if you don’t realize it. Take a breather, PLAY AS Pendles, and then try again.


Toby? Counter Pendles? LOLOL

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That’s not how most people are playing him, though. They are going behind enemy lines and grabbing shards, destroying buildables, and picking off wounded enemies.

Heh, I said much the same thing when Alani came out. My issue isn’t that Pendles is OP, it’s how his presence has entirely changed how pvp works.

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…he’s an assassin. That’s what most assassins SHOULD be doing. This is sounding like more anti-backdooring tactics than anything else. Characters like Rath and Deande aren’t supposed to just toss themselves into a teamfight and wreck it. They’re supposed to be the reason teams AREN’T always full fights and nothing BUT offense.

This isn’t LoL where individuals lanes have to be maintained. We’ve got one lane of traffic, and two optional routes, along with a backdoor position. 1+2+1=4. Games SHOULD be playing out across the ENTIRE map, not just one lane. That’s what makes backdooring such an effective tactic. People are ignoring the rest of the map, to pour fire in small spots to try and maximize killing potential…which means nothing if their sentry falls despite their actions.

If he is already cloaked looking directly at him doesn’t automatically uncloak him. What the description is referring to is that for him to automatically cloak w/o using his Smoke Bomb skill he must be out of line-of-site of all enemies, which includes minions.

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If her homing shots aren’t tracking that’s probably a bug. If you can record it happening please file a bug report w/ GBX here.

If you are on PC send me a friend request or if you are on the Unofficial Battleborn Discord server you can post a lobby link and we can do private mode PvP to confirm that there is a bug.

He’s not so much broken but more annoying as he’s permacloaked which makes having characters on your team who can use decloaking abilities.

Though ATM I used Orendi and have not seen it work.

I hope they address this and fix it.

I guarantee you that reynas homing shots do not hit cloaked enemies once prioritied. I have had deandes shaynes and oscars dead to rights of it were notfor there cloak. 99 percent of matches I have played as Reyna I take the homing over the slow since it forces characters to be waaaaaaaaay far away from my ability to hit them but those cloak ppl will always be impossible for me to finish off

Hey @JoeKGBX can you confirm that Reyna’s tracking shots are supposed or not supposed to track priority targets when cloaked. Because if it doesn’t that sounds like a bug to me.

Not denying any of that. Just responding to what you said about him being an initiator.

If you know a pendles haunts your base just keep an eye out for him.