Pendles Overpowered?

Not sure whether it’s just me being useless against Pendles but I find him to be rather overpowered, whilst having the game I’ve only ever been able to kill him twice and both those occasions were out of sheer luck, thoughts and opinions?

Pendles will only do well if your team has no idea how to spot stealthed characters. And It’s really not that hard, even if you don’t have reveal skills. You will need to communicate a little though - Use the ping when you spot Pendles to warn others that he’s lurking around. And be aware! Check the minimap to try and figure out where he is, you can see when he takes the shards and destroys buildables.

Teleporting back at low health probably won’t save you if your team lets Pendles walk right past them to finish you.

Pendles also has a big crit spot and extremely low movement speed when uncloaked, on top of low health. Target him together, don’t let him escape.

Also, when there is a Pendles on the enemy team, pay attention to where your team healer is, a good Pendles will always take out the healer first.

Someone else might be able to give more advice on how to deal with him, I’m too tired to write an in-depth post right now.

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Thanks, really appreciate the advice, I find the teams I’ve played with usually let him past as I normally play as a sniper like thorn or marquis and he always ends up sneaking up on me and butt ■■■■■■ me, I have found it easier in more recent matches to spot him as I think now I’m subconsciously looking for the slight light irregularities that his cloak causes, the main problem I’ve also found is not many people actually communicate in game which is a pain but it happens, as I mentioned really appreciate the advice :slight_smile:

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Ah, also, Thorn and Marquis do have ways to deal with a Pendles, too.
Both have a slow field which will cripple Pendles if he attacks and you cast it at your feet. (The slow effect will also keep him visible even if he cloaks again) Marquis also has owls that can spot him, the reveal on them is insane!

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Marquis and Thorn both survive Pendles pretty darn well, actually. They’re both fast as all get out, have AoE that can slow, and both can lunch on his tasty critbox. Heck, Pendles acolytes are desperate to see an area nerf on Marquis’ revealing Hoodinis. With Marquis, just follow this plan:

Step 1: Time Bubble.
Step 2: Run your robot ass off.
Step 3: (Pendles has probably Smoke Bombed by now, but if he hasnt…) Feast on giant snake head.
Step 4: Laugh at Pendles for being so poor he can’t afford matching kamas.

Yes, communication is KEY though.


Yeah I have started using the reveal attribute for marquis as I’ve not long unlocked it and it does come in hellishly handy

Pendles is a pain for toby. I get the helix upgrade to see hidden battleborn through the scope. And ping and tell people were he is.

On a side note, why does pendles have an eldrid background if he is rouge? At least on mine he does. Could be I have yet to unlock him. Waiting for $ to get the season pass.

I actually think thorn and marquis (without reveal) are one of the best I can take out as pendles

Marquis mutation eyes everywhere (irc) make your owls reveal, you can scater your owls and pendless become usless.

He cant sneak in your base without being revealed and slowed (by his passive) marquis just makes pendless usless 100% with that mutation, man i dont even use speed bubble. Owls beat pendless so bad is almost sad.

If you have a character that has a reveal he’s basically obsolete. lol Far from OP

So much this! Marquis counters Pendles with his owls more than any other character. It is the most annoying thing you will experience playing as Pendles. The stealth becomes 100% useless

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Ernest’s Explosive Charges can get Reveal + Auto-explode, and you can have 4 of them.
That beat Hoodini like no tomorrow.

I turned the dream game of a Pendles into a nightmare.

The effectiveness of reveal abilities greatly depends on the map. On something like Overgrowth there’s so many entrances and open space that it’s impossible to cover them effectively.

Personally I’m just annoyed that dealing damage doesn’t reveal him. I mainly play with puggers and if they don’t see Pendles themselves they won’t notice that I’m pelting a blurry blob that’s running around our base at the speed of light.

He is and he isn’t

Also Marquis’ reveal is a lvl 12 mutation, so its normal to not even see it at all.

So much this, if you can see a stealth guy and you shoot them, they should reveal. Still that would invalidate a lot play styles for characters that have stealth as a main ability

So for Oscar mike, his stealth would generally have more use as an opener rather than for breaking off

Two things.

1). You don’t need to get the actual kill. The point is to drive them off.

2). He is the weakest guy in the game with a role that is very situational. Not op

If there is a pendles on the opposing team just be aware i always pug it and never use comms and never have issues. In fact pendles is typically the character with the highest death count by the end of the match in my experience. Know that if you are alone that he might attack. Have an escape plan to create distance between him and you if it happens and honestly most of the time you will kill him with your escape plan. And this should be the case for all characters not just pendles anyone can get the jump on you…deande/OM…For example I place a charge next to me as ernest so that if that snake shows up ill blast him and it pushes me away from him and then just unload. Several have given you a proven methods as marquis and thorn. If you have stun spore as miko save it and blast him in his head and then destroy him same with Toby. There are countless ways to handle him just have a plan in your head on how to deal with it. Also if your character has a reveal option make sure to select it, Marquis, Ambra, Orendi, Ernest all have the ability and it ruins the match for the pendles player.

Haven’t there been enough Topics about this?

sighs… Imitating Geoff/Arachnis’ Voice.


That’s why i say Ernest is the best anti-Pendles:
Helix 4: +2 active charges (So you’ll have 4)
Helix 5: Direct hit reduce Explosive’s charge Cooldown.
Helix 6: Explosive charges reveal and auto-explode.
Helix 9: +25% area radius (Bigger Reveal range)

You can cover every entrance to your first sentry with only 3 charges with that setup (Main, Ledge, Bunker), and you still have one free charge to use.

And none of those are mutations.