Pendles' passive is broken (It's not. I'm just a dummy :P)

Dunno if this is the case with PC or PS4. But on Xbox one Pendles’ passive corner sneak is bugged. Even if you look at him, shoot at him, even STUN him. He’ll stay invisible until HE attacks.
NOTE: I already know. I’m just keeping this hear so people know that everyone makes mistakes.

Well looking at the helix, I think that is intended until he attacks. There is a talent in the helix if you take it, he takes less damage while cloaked.

I’ve yet to play him in PvP (and since enemies won’t attack him in PvE if he’s cloacked), so I can’t say this is happens on PS4. I wouldn’t mind if what @Maro said is true. I have an easy time seeing “cloaked” enemies all the time unless the combat is an all out brawl in the center of the arena. It’s spectacular in PvE because it gives him great survivability.

That’s how it works but if he’s not attacking then why attack him?

Yea. After re-reading his ability I must’ve read the info wrong. Sorry about that folks.

Personally I’m more concerned about how his smoke bombs completely melts shields.

I’m concerned about the “wtf orendi y u pick fire walk?!?” every match… till end of time…

Yeah that BS clearly it says he should only be invisible if hes not in your line of sights…Ive looked right at him and he still remained cloaked!!! Thats total BS

It says his cloak activates when out of enemies LoS

That’s how it works. If HE breaks stealth (by attacking, building a buildable, using a skill etc) then he won’t auto re-stealth until he gets out of your LoS. If -he- doesn’t break stealth, and nobody hits him with a Reveal (WF’s Scrap Cannon when upgraded, Ambra’s Solar Wind when upgraded, Orendi’s SF Pillar etc. etc) then he stays stealthed.

EDIT: AAaaand I just saw your edit. Oh well. :stuck_out_tongue:

As far as I know, at least on xbox, he remains stealthed even when building. This will Require more testing as I cannot recall if I was in LOS of enemies when I was building things.

Pretty sure i unstealthed last time I did, but even then it’s not gamebreaking if he doesn’t - the level 1 buildables take very little time to destroy and if you see one sprout up with nobody nearby it’s a fair bet you’ve got a Pendles to lob explosives at.

Personally I think a stun should knock him out of his stealth mode. Nothing worse than stunning him with a Galilea shield throw then losing him once he’s unstunned because he moves so fast. Plus if I’m hitting him when he’s stunned, chances are he’s in my LoS, I feel like he should become uncloaked…