Pendles Review plus tips and tricks

So I played with Pendles basically all day and I like him a lot. Its honestly extremely fun/hilarious to just invisibly run around the enemy base distracting them and hitting them once then cloaking. He is awesome at chasing people who think they are safe, try to teleport back from behind their century and then just get demolished out of nowhere. Basically I play him as an eye in the sky, I sit back behind the enemy and watch for who starts getting low by themselves then I come up from behind. I pick the helix augments that deal extra damage from behind so that it makes the start more effective. Make sure you always have your smoke bomb ready and don’t get too aggressive and attack without it because once your uncloaked your feet move at a snails pace. I usually run attack speed, max health increase, cool down, and movement/sprint speed gear and it works well. One of the best things you can do is just be a general disruptor so steal the enemy shards, take out their accelerators, turrets, and thralls it can really swing the game. make sure you always have a wall to run behind to break line of sight if you are going to risk without a smoke bomb ready. Don’t even bother going after minions because uncloaking yourself for them is not worth it, just try to pick of stragglers that use the popular pro stat of “10 health and full shield is fine” and follow them when they seek safety to teleport back to base. His secondary attack is basically useless so don’t bother using it.
So a couple random tips:
Don’t move next to accelerators because their beem will show the enemy that your their. Never attack from the front, always behind because his helix is made for it and sometimes the enemy isn’t even paying attention. , Take the enemy thralls because they will pouch directly to the sentry and cause the other team to fall back to defend it. always be aware of ambra, tobey oscar mike, orendi, and thorns curse just to name some because they can all reveal you or see you
So yeah just a general overview I’m level 9 with him now so I think I’ve gotten used to him


The Enter key is your friend. Let it help you.

Seriously though I’ve noticed Pendles is more of an ambush saboteur than an outright assassin.

Its great screwing with enemy bases turrets and minions and keeping poison on their sentries so they can’t keep shields up.

And one of my favorite things now is when the whole team is pushing at the choke point, I suddenly appear in the middle of them and they freak out and scatter XD.

Pendles The Disruptor!

I go for maximum sprint speed to just blitz around while cloaked.

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Bingo. Like Deande of old, before she over-buffed.

Go-Go Juice and epic Rogue boots FTW!

His secondary attack is not useless. I tend to use it for when i can’t uncloak to chase after the person and he’s about to escape so i use it. It has a wide area hit range and deals more damage when you go for the 3 ninja stars one.